Sunday, May 19, 2024

The spirit crisis

George Orwell said – to see what is in front of your nose you need constant effort.

I had the opportunity to visit some cakes in the east of the country. To see women “spreading the virus.” Such are the rumors about confectioners, that they are uninformed, uneducated, that they do not follow the measures and that is why the virus is spreading the most among them.

Author: Katerina Topalova

Textile factories have become targets of the coronavirus, but so have all other major institutions. If someone gets sick in 250 people, it is almost impossible for him to stay positive. Thus, workers who spend most of their working time in a car and in a mask stand on the pillar of shame. No one went to see the conditions, no one checked if it was true, but everyone knows.
We have become a society full of prejudices. The finger is usually seen in textile workers by those without masks sitting in a coffee conversation with a group of friends and analyzing who is to blame for the spread of the plague. As if they were inaccessible from the danger that falls.
Enjoying photos of full beaches, repeating the broadcast of videos where hundreds of young people have fun in nightclubs without any distance, congratulating young people on the wedding where a group of relatives celebrates, we sit and talk about how dangerous it is to work on cakes.
It is dangerous to be part of every big meeting, of every room that operates in an “ocean system”. It is dangerous to be unmasked and close even to extended family members.

You hit enough workers who have been silent for years about all the insults. You oppress that little dignity of women who work hard and in all conditions to bring bread home.

Running through parties and beaches, taking pictures to show the world how calm and successful we are, we forget that we have fallen victim to our own success. Our crisis is no longer material, it is existential, a crisis of the soul. A crisis of distorted values ​​and a vacuum filled with prejudice. A crisis that glorifies dishonesty but diminishes workers. A crisis that does not allow us to look beyond the framework we have artificially created. A crisis that accuses without facts, based on fabrications!

Those women do not need punishment and stigma, much less they need your pity. These are women who earn honestly, nurture a family and raise children. These are women who take care of themselves, the health of their loved ones and your health. These are women who sew multi-layered masks for you and for Europe. Women who take every breath through a filter to be safer.

Women, most of whom received the minimum wage due to the coronary crisis. Women who do not know if they will be fired from September because foreign partners cancel orders.

These women need respect. Stigmatization is less necessary!

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