Saturday, May 25, 2024

Beyond the symbolism, why not ?!

Author: Sefer Selimi Jr.

The election produced the result, now the parties must build the coalition which will govern the country. The art of negotiation should share in government, where everyone tries to get more and be closer to pre-election promises. Basically, the two most likely coalition parties must find a compromise on their main promises: SDSM to form a coalition with DUI even though it promised that “DUI will be in opposition, why not?” And DUI with “Prime Minister” the first Albanian, why not? ”. Can a compromise be reached between them? Why not?! Political parties in Macedonia have shown that they have no problem exceeding their main promises and finding excuses from the most illogical to the most ridiculous for their non-fulfillment. Some of SDSM’s past promises for example: Re-election of judges and prosecutors; Average salary 30,000 denars; Punishment of corrupt politicians, return of misused money and their public counting on the Triumphal Arch. DUI: Implementation of the Albanian language as an official language and punishment of the holders of functions for its non-implementation; Hills of the sun; Opening of the border in Llojan; A series of infrastructure projects that are made Copy & Paste in each pre-election program; Complete fiscal and administrative decentralization and much more. Even the parties have no problem overcoming personal grudges and hatreds when it comes to power, so it is very possible to see Muhamed Zeqiri smiling next to DUI deputies, maybe even with a live video during the election of them at the top of a function. Do not be surprised even with the smile of Ali Ahmeti when he meets Zoran Zaev, not to give even “five bucks” for his “anger and despair” with the insult that Zaev had done to Albanians. It is possible to see Zijadin Sela and Afrim Gashi smiling for taking the photo of the ruling coalition, standing close to those who insulted them day and night and who “stole democracy from the Albanians and the votes of their coalition”. In Balkan politics, anything is possible except normalcity!

What will the post-election negotiations produce? We must patiently wait for the white smoke from the chimney of the Government building. After all, this is what we should be less interested in as citizens. Our main focus, especially on Albanians, must go beyond symbolism and not be content with populist triumphalism for institutions to be led by Albanian parties. The first and most important is the separation from the feudal mentality of the division of the spoils of power. More than which minister they will take, we should be interested in who is the minister in charge of it. More than which director or agency has “won” we should be interested in who is in that position. And more than who is in that position we should be interested in what is the selection process, his / her competencies and what is the vision, program and priority within the task taken. It is not utopian to expect professional meritocracy to dominate selection rather than party merit. It is not tragic that the Ministry does not belong to any of the branches of the party, but at its head is selected a professional from a village who has no weight in the votes. Political parties must clearly and transparently establish a well-defined process for filling political positions, paving the way for sound ambitions, restoring trust in parties and producing a state that truly cares about the interests of its citizens. This will honor them themselves, the party members and most of all their voters.

However, as we await the start of EU membership negotiations, the criteria for selecting leaders for key positions should include passing the European Union (European Studies) recognition exam, one of its official languages, and spelling of the Albanian and Macedonian languages. Why not?!

Ah, and do not forget the women!

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