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-I believe in this ability, which in essence should be laconic (less is more!), Therefore pragmatic. What is archaic about the woman in the family, in society according to Tiffany Slain is her ability to say NO
-Of course, on July 15 I will vote, and I would like to vote for the NO that the most vocal woman has said in this party contest! My question will be answered, what was it? The truth of my observation made of the women’s race for power in these parliamentary elections did not hear loudly the organic echo of the “NO” denier! The no was still very particular, symbolic, faint, exploding without believing them enough!
-I belong to Joseph Nye’s leadership school, so I do not believe in the macho or feminist exclusivities that make up the “big man” or “big woman” theory as a theory for leadership

Author: Adelina Marku

As in many countries in the region and beyond, parliamentary elections are being held in Northern Macedonia in times of pandemic from the Covid 19. virus. essential therefore and are important to grind and feel even self-designed. This is because the country is entering the parliamentary elections with a new state name, we are now known worldwide as North Macedonia, the country has already become a member of NATO and is aligning itself with a not so well known process and seeking to acquire material, that is, that of the opening of negotiations with the EU. Seemingly affirmative, the country has excelled in foreign policy! Rare but good thing, he would have said a self-critical eye!


The citizens of this country are not distinguished for happiness. I would not be wrong to judge that the citizens in the country are bitter or lethargic. The avant-garde for faith seems to be undoing and losing identity! Partiocracy is still at stake, far from the light of meritocracy. This does not speak for good, obviously! Probably the traumas caused by the daily politics here, but also with vulgar forms, do not even manage to clean up each other. They are layered and consequently. According to a report by the World Health Organization – the regional office in Skopje, based on the findings and statistics of the Health Insurance Fund of 2016, antidepressants were positioned as the third most sought after medicine in the country’s pharmacies. This number increases in 2017, which puts the country at an alarming rate, and further research by this organization shows that out of 1,200 respondents, 70 percent were unaware of the symptoms of depression. It does not take much to understand that the citizens of the country are upset, and moreover they are used to living with boredom, so they do not create enough awareness to fight it. Boredom undoubtedly shows growth rates in the country especially especially in this time of pandemic.

Post-pandemic trauma will hurt society even more! Therefore, post-pandemics, what forms of mental health trauma will create and how will the new government face this risk? Will this luxurious boredom be transformed into enough energy to energize the state administration on the long journey of negotiations with the EU? Will this luxurious boredom help the entrepreneur with what and the possibility of creating new jobs? We definitely have to see it! The women in the race, as if they didn’t deal much with the post-pandemic strategy. This is a disturbing schematic logic! Unfortunately, the country’s institutions do not excel in analyzes of this kind and of a preventive character or of a strategic-futuristic character, therefore the expression “Let what is done be done, let us be alive!” In Northern Macedonia has become a type survival motto! What if we start saying NO to this motto?


A report by the Helsinki Committee published in September 2019, which is the result of the project “Prevention of discrimination and dealing with hate crime and hate speech” shows that in the period from January 1 to December 31, 2018, the Helsinki Committee has recorded a total of 123 incidents and acts of hatred. Incidents were recorded immediately after they were reported by the media or the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Of the total number of recorded cases / incidents, 60 incidents (49%) have been confirmed, while 60 incidents (51%) remain unconfirmed. For most unconfirmed incidents and acts of hatred, in accordance with other indicators (location, manner of execution, involvement of juveniles and high school students, etc.) there is a reasonable belief that they were committed due to ethnicity of the victim or perpetrator. “Despite our request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to confirm whether the ethnic indicator is present in these incidents and acts, we have not received any such confirmation from there,” the report said. Hate speech, especially that used on social media by the citizens of the country, is fueling vulgar forms of evolution in our society. Potential consumers of this hate speech are undoubtedly children at an age of character formation. That is why the Megjashi Children’s Embassy in Skopje issued a report on the violent behavior of children in schools, while the indicators are worrying, or rather – very worrying! Domestic violence, this rude chapter of our lives, bites with galloping curvilinear proportions! Women in the race seemed to be ashamed to speak openly that there is violence in our society. I don’t need a woman politician who has a politically correct approach to school violence! Not this narrative! “Instead of being safe at home, sometimes the greatest danger to a woman comes from there,” says a report by the Helsinki Committee, the Skopje office, on violence against women, sexism and workplace mobility.

In our country, only in the first 9 months of 2019, 709 crimes in the field of domestic violence were reported, of which 610 were women victims. Domestic violence and violence against women disproportionately affect more women, precisely because they are women, says the Helsinki Committee of the Republic of Northern Macedonia. The condemnation of such language of hatred, domestic violence and against women by state institutions, ministries, the ministry and the judiciary is apparently still in the cynical dimension of the trivial political discourse. The same cynicism was used by women in the election race this time. They do NOT SHOUT, NOT VIOLENCE AGAINST THEM! Is this self-sacrifice, a new sadomasochistic form of our women in the race? The culture of “allowing anti-culture” is in danger of becoming a subcultural trend in our society and the forms of radicalization of the political and religious narrative should probably not surprise us anymore, or keep us open-mouthed and upset, but make us aware and act NO! Where there is a political will for development and change, there is also a measure of good and progress. Or, where there is room for awareness, there is some change, they say!

The structural setting of the economy of North Macedonia at the end of 2018, according to an analytical report of the Helsinki Committee on Discrimination in the Workplace shows that the number of employees reaches 45.1 percent, while the number of unemployed 20.8 percent . Of course, the higher the unemployment rate, the less rights workers have, and the more the reflection of lethargy in society as a result of political trauma has caused disruptive organization of unions in state organizations and institutions. The study shows that 73.8 percent of respondents said they were not at all happy with the work of the unions. Does this disruption of the power of work have to do with the old Latin “divide and rule”? If intellectual gauges are convinced of the evidence that proves this old Latin philosophy, then the political leadership in the country for a long time risks deep divisions in the ideas of how the state should develop. With or without women in the race, the lack of a sticky elixir, the unifier, or rather I would say, making love to the state in search of pleasure and comfort is a difficult journey.

However, let me explain why women running for parliament in this 2020 parliamentary election have not read these reports (and many others that the space for this text is not enough to count them), before they get on their backs. Their young or old pedestal responsibility to love the state and to ennoble society in it? Feel me, but loving the state or making love to the state is like stepping out of the comfort zone of an economically ruined marriage, where the harmony between the partners is deeply stigmatized and prejudiced by the partners themselves! A divided family full of women in politics! Irony obviously!


I belong to Joseph Nye’s leadership school, so I do not believe in the macho or feminist exclusivities that make up the “big man” or “big woman” theory as a theory of leadership. Learning from this school of thought has led me to avoid gender stereotypes and therefore to judge that in the age of information and rapid digitalization, an effective leader must possess the three abilities of soft power (1. emotional intelligence, 2. vision, 3.communication) and with two of strong ability (1. Machiavellianism 2. ability to organize and manage policies). The ability to combine these two types of powers creates the so-called “wise power” and, of course, if you are a woman competing to govern, the “unscrupulousness” of hermaphrodite ability is needed to build the vision of a better future for children. Yours, through wise power. I believe in this ability, which in essence should be laconic (less is more!), and therefore pragmatic. What is archaic about the woman in the family, in society according to Tiffany Slain is her ability to say NO! Undoubtedly, on July 15 I will vote, and I would like to vote for the NO that the loudest woman in this party contest has said! My question will be answered, what was it? The truth of my observation made of the women’s race for power in these parliamentary elections did not hear loudly the organic echo of the “NO” denier! No was still very particular, symbolic, pale, exploding without trusting enough! Women in politics continue to compete with the laziness of the ease of speech: ” WE WILL BE! ‘!’ has made galloping moves on the international stage obviously! If society behaves around women, for women, women and women, I expect women to scream THE GALACTICAL RANGE: NO to procrastination in politics, NO to political correctness towards problem solving, NO to interethnic tolerance, therefore YES to interethnic respect, NO to corruption, NO to extortion of liberalization of teaching and modernization of teaching curricula, NO procrastination that comes from the inability to leave the comfort zone, NO youth flight, NO ethnic divisions that recycle the ugliness of the economic abyss in the country, NO to being blind and irresponsible in front of the amazing beauties and riches that this country has, NO to domestic violence, NO to hate speech, NO to religious and political radicalism, NO to the concept of solving problems in the state through recycling politically correct language (NO to political correctness!), NO-fear of leaving the comfort zone, NO lack of politician with integrity, NO politics without integrity, NO politics kanit / es that we do not believe, but still vote for, NO to electoral cynicism! … No… infinite NO!
Friends, the woman’s campaign in politics has the alpha and omega in her ability to say NO. The woman’s no in this race was needed more than ever, because we have to project ourselves and our citizenship now according to NATO standards and within EU standards. Without this self-confidence, self-design, political competition loses its meaning, is vulgarized, and trivialized in the recycling of failure to the point of denigration and severe breakdowns of identity and belonging. Citizens react to the failures of democracy in a similar way as they react when they are dissatisfied with the market. They run away, says Ivan Krastev in his book “We Believe in Disbelief!”, He continues: they run away from the country, either by not voting anymore, or even by voting with white ballots. Which of the women in this race spoke only about the young people who ran away from us?!
Dear friends, future MPs in the Assembly of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, I want to argue the critical NO this time with individualism exercised by love for yourself and the state. Fast-moving yes are politically beastly and therefore with brutal and vulgar strategies. We need your wise No to all deviations in our society, because democracy cannot exist without trust and politics as a management of distrust will be the bitter end of democratic reform again * (* Ivan Krastev, p. 98, title ” We believe in disbelief ”!). Obviously, I wish you luck in this race! I am with you, and they love us better than we are! So … dare!

 (The analysis is wriiten exclusively for CPD)

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