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“The question is no longer who is the winner on July 15, but how big will the victory be.” This is the conviction of the leader of VMRO-DMNE who with the coalition, in the early parliamentary elections year 2020 performs under the slogan “Renewal for Macedonia”. Mickoski assures the citizens that the struggle of VMRO-DPMNE is a struggle for values, honor, dignity, diligence, respect, humanity. These are the features that adorn these people, and which during the way we seem to have forgotten, the leader claims. Nevertheless, what exactly is the program they offer?

Writes: Katerina Topalova

VMRO-DPMNE with a program of over 1000 projects, for the reconstruction of Macedonia. The focus is on the economy, entrepreneurship and business support, and the goal is simple “more money for everyone”. They believe that value-based standards will be achieved through reindustrialization and constant economic development. VMRO-DPMNE starts from the fact that people need money, and the state needs work and results.

VMRO-DPMNE announces 2 billion euros in infrastructure projects, or half a billion in each year of the mandate. The program for reconstruction of the infrastructure of VMRO-DPMNE envisages a new highway from Veles to Bitola, reconstruction of over 1,000 km of regional, construction of 150 km of expressways, as well as 300 million euros in water supply and sewerage. The realization of capital investments is one of the biggest problems that has been going on for years.

The change of the state’s name as well as the law on bilingualism are part of VMRO-DPMNE’s accusations against the opponents. The program states that if three years ago it seemed impossible to anyone that in just three years the name of the country could be changed, bilingualism to be introduced in the country, where is a need and where there is no need for it, further trade with history and to trade with the highest state positions, unfortunately after three years we see that this could have happened.

Support for agriculture, a cultural revolution, the war against corruption and crime are some of the planned projects.

VMRO-DPMNE also has a projection of results from some of the planned projects, if they form the next government:

GDP growth of at least 4% each year;

-Unemployment below 10%;

-Higher salaries by at least 25%;

-Low taxes, the lowest in Europe of 8%;

For young people and educators:

– For the young people who will be employed, there must be lower taxes and they must be able to study at least one Macedonian university which will be in the top 1,000 on the Shanghai list;

-Adjustment of salaries for teachers and professors with the Collective Agreement in education;
– For educators in primary and secondary education personal income of 36,000 denars per month;

-For employees in higher education up to 100,000 denars monthly income;
-Renovation and reconstruction of student dormitories;

For farmers:

– Subsidies in the amount of at least 640 million euros in one mandate and secure redemption;
-New concept in agriculture, simple and fast procedures:

-80 million euros for new water supply networks for one mandate;

-Credit revolving fund for purchase of agricultural products,

More than 50% coverage of the costs for mechanization, livestock and plantations.

What is interesting for this party is that they say that this document, the program, is a transitional strategy for realization and action in the first hundred days of government takeover “, i.e. a plan that will include precise details of what is planned to be realized in the first several months.

The party believes that their program contains everything that people need to live better. Eminent experts from the fields worked on the planned projects. They also used the help of foreign experts, and re-assessed the fiscal implications in accordance with the latest crisis trends.

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