Sunday, May 19, 2024


The Social Democratic Union of Macedonia is seeking the votes of the citizens in the early parliamentary elections in 2020, convincing them that they have a clear plan for the next four years. They perform with the coalition under the slogan “We can”. They say they can do better and more. The economy is the focus of their program. However, the party also offers a plan to improve the country’s healthcare, justice system, digitalization and Europeanisation. What are their main players?

Author: Katerina Topalova

SDSM believes that they offer new development of the Macedonian economy, based on new technologies, sustainability and human capital. A model that will protect the jobs of citizens a thing that will generate higher wages and better jobs. A model that gives new and better chances for everyone. A model that offers stability for our children and future generations. This party points out that the state can be stable only if it has a developing and competitive economy.

The elections are taking place in extraordinary conditions, taking into account the coronary crisis, that is why SDSM says that they saw this moment as an opportunity for rapid transformation of our economy. They have created on time measures for citizens and companies to deal with the economic effects of the crisis. They are proud that, as they say, we have a state that protects working places. The program says that the new Macedonian economy is creating new jobs for all citizens. They claim that we are a country with a decent living, which takes care of everyone and in which we all earn. SDSM as a party that has been in power for the last three years says that they are building a system that protects workers and in which workers’ labor is valued and paid. They are building a state in which young people stay, contribute and progress. A country where young people see their future. A country that invests in young people and develops them side by side with their peers from Europe.

Another player in the SDSM program is the country’s membership in NATO, which we received during their mandate. The party in the program reminds that they have secured the future of our homeland. “We are no longer alone, we are part of a great alliance that protects us and in which our voice is heard. Europeanization brings us order, discipline, change and a future. “We are bringing Europe home,” said the SDSM.

The “We Can” program also reminds us of the need for full digitalization. They believe that only with good digital infrastructure will the state be among the competitive and modern ones. They are announcing a digital revolution that will save the time and money of the citizens by sending the service points into history.

Investments in the health system are emphasized in the program. They remind about the increased salaries of doctors, and the program states that they will continue to grow for all medical personnel. This will motivate doctors to take care of the health of citizens and services will be fast and qualitative. They promise to develop clinical centers, hospitals and clinics. In the pre-election campaign of SDSM, as well as among their opponents VMRO-DPMNE, numerous audio conversations are taking place. SDSM in the program says that they promise a legal and just state in which they will completely clear themselves of Gruevism and its remnants of the judiciary. “We are creating a state in which the guilty ones are punished and the righteous ones progress.”

Nature conservation is part of the promises in the “We Can” program. The coalition says it will take brave steps to clean up the land, air and water. “We are changing pollution with the help of solar and gas systems” is one of the promises.

SDSM and the coalition believe that only through innovation and opportunity for young people, they will convince them to stay in the country, to build and create here.

SDSM demands a new mandate from the citizens, believing that after the results they have shown, that now is the time for new initiatives to which they are committed, before the citizens and before themselves.

In the coalition program, President Zaev sees commitments and values for which all ethnic communities have united for the first time. Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Serbs, Roma, Vlachs, Bosniaks and all others who stood TOGETHER behind the Program that brings even more and even better for all citizens.

They consider the offer to be an honest, hospitable and responsible approach, a recognized, authentic, Macedonian model for progress.

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