Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Empty campaing for an important choice

And as the campaign goes to the extent who stole more, we are sinking deeper and deeper! The option is for politicians to shoot bombs and publish wiretapped conversations to offer democracy and justice. To what extent have we lost our values ​​if illegally recorded conversations should pave the way for justice and democracy?

Katerina Topalova

The country is in crisis! Health, politics, society … now more than ever we need a choice so that we can make important decisions and live better. At a time when there is a scourge that does not choose gender, age, religion, or party, we must work together more than ever.
But what is happening to us in reality?

The two largest Macedonian parties have not stopped publishing recorded telephone conversations or conversations from bars. The initial adrenaline that appeared after the announcement of Zaev’s first “bombs” is gone. It is already painful. Through conversations, market conversations and trading with voices and people, outbursts and threats. At tonight’s meetings with the citizens, the wolves, dressed in lamb skin, deceive voters with a kind look. The campaign is not a contest for better ideas and better offers to get out of crises, but is reduced to accusations of stealing more. And as in the folk-donkey tells the wolf-you have big ears. The choice is reduced to voting for the lesser evil, because there is no good anywhere! And the people are naked. Both physically and mentally. This harassment has been going on for years! Those who did not escape in time were left to suffer a little more torture.

The Albanian bloc is a story in itself. At a time when my friend Shenol and neighbor Zoran are lying bed by bed in the Infectious Diseases Department and fighting for air, a party from the Albanian bloc promises to invest more in healthcare where Albanians are treated. Do you think that it will be good for Shenol if Zoran’s condition worsens? Do you think that Shenol will not jump on you if you give him medicine and not to Zoran? Do you think that this country needs new divisions?

You do not need an Albanian Prime Minister, you need a vision for a normal state. Problems are not solved by yourself if you open new hotspots, if you defocus with fictitious problems where they are not.
This society is hungry for normality. We have been living in abnormal conditions for a long time.


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