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Elections represent a process of political and democratic competition of political entities. This democratic process of competition means the political platforms of the competing parties that are offered to the electorate as an electoral offer. Electoral dynamics means the announcement of this electoral offer before the citizens, ie the electorate that is claimed to be represented in the legislative institution, but also in the executive branch. In view of this political pluralism, but also of the democratic debate, the KDP will present in the coming days a brief synthesis of political platforms, the main pillars of the political ideas with which the parties are competing in these July 15 elections. Initially, we will publish the synthesis of the political platform of the coalition Alliance for Albanians and Alternative, which has already come up with the motto “Now is the time” in these early parliamentary elections.

Author: Bardhyl Zaimi

The main pillar of the coalition’s electoral political program, the Alliance for Albanians and Alternatives, is the definition of a “state for all” that is operationalized in all areas of the institutional life of North Macedonia. This political idea is structured and makes sense through the idea of redefining the constitution and through a series of legal instruments that, as defined, ensure full equality for Albanians. The program also dimensions many other political, cultural, economic, educational commitments, which are clearly defined in each chapter of the program of this coalition.

The basic political idea of ​​the coalition Alliance for Albanians & Alternative is “a state for all”. The coalition’s political statement said that the “state for all” program is a synthesis of actions and policies that will be implemented during the 2020-2024 government, to build a state where all citizens will feel equal before the law, by enjoying equal rights and opportunities as well as enjoying public goods guaranteed by the constitution.
The main pillar of this electoral program of the coalition Alliance for Albanians and Alternative is full equality, which is structured in the first part of the program in detail, in all dimensions of the functioning of the state and institutions. As stated in the coalition’s political statement, this program aims to build “a state based on the full equality of state-building communities, ruled by the rule of law, a state of prosperity and equal economic development, integrated into the Albanian world.” in the region and in the world, being producers and not just consumers of security and stability.

The idea of ​​full equality offered as a political platform in this election by this coalition is politically superimposed on an analysis of the systematic discrimination of Albanians in North Macedonia. “This structural discrimination is confirmed by the latest figures on the representation of Albanians in public administration and other budgetary institutions. According to the annual report of the Omdusman for 2018, published in September 2019, the representation of Albanians in the public sector is only 19 percent. Worse than that, for the first time since the adoption of the Ohrid Framework Agreement, the representation of Albanians is facing a downward trend over the last two years “, it is said in the political program of this coalition.
Always in function of the idea of ​​full equality, the program of this coalition states that “Macedonians continue to be over-represented in budgetary institutions, while all other communities are under-represented.” In this regard, the coalition Alliance for Albanians and Alternative considers that a new democratic constitution should redefine the country as an equal state of the two largest communities, however with guaranteed rights for other ethnic communities.

The political program of this coalition, among other things, defines the idea of ​​redefining the state. “The redefinition of the state means that, in conditions of peace and without pressure, to discuss the functioning of the state and the establishment of symmetry between the state and society, always keeping in mind that multiethnic society is reflected in the construction of a multiethnic state.”
The coalition’s political program also states that it will “commit to a bicameral Parliament: the Chamber of Ethnic Communities and the House of Representatives, which will be fully equal in drafting laws and exercising other constitutional powers of Parliament.”
During his rule, it is said in this political program, the coalition Alliance for Albanians and Alternativa will focus its efforts on the state for all and full equality in priority areas, in fair and adequate representation in all areas of public life, the elimination of all forms of discrimination, the full officialization of the Albanian language and the cultural advancement of all communities.

This coalition, based on the political program in these elections, will initiate the Law on Fair and Adequate Representation, through which, as elaborated in the program, another dynamic and quality of representation will be dictated.
Also in this political program, the commitment of this coalition for the elimination of any kind of discrimination is foreseen, while the commitment is also focused on the full officialization of the Albanian language. “The Alliance for Albanians and Alternative Coalition will commit to the immediate and complete implementation of the Law on the Use of Languages ​​and, meanwhile, will continue to commit itself to making the Albanian language an equal language with the Macedonian one in the Constitution and not defining it as ‘languages ​​spoken by over 20% of the population that are different from the Macedonian language’ “.
Also, through this political program, this coalition will be committed to the advancement of Albanian culture and all other communities. Cultivating cultural diversity, the role of the state in promoting interculturalism, and creating the space for each community to display its own cultural identity remains another dimension of this political program. In order to realize the concept of cultural equality, this coalition envisages adequate allocation of the budget for culture as well as increase of the organizational and financial autonomy of the cultural institutions. It is also foreseen the decentralization of cultural institutions, the development of cultural cooperation with Albania and Kosovo, as well as the increase of the public fund in the public libraries.

The focus of this political program is also the rule of law, while as a mechanism that would respond to the bankruptcy of the rule of law, a European advisory and monitoring mission for the rule of law is envisaged. The coalition’s political program also structures the idea of ​​an independent, efficient and just judiciary. In terms of this consolidation, vetting of judges and prosecutors is foreseen, reorganization of basic and appellate courts based on planning regions and reform of the role and procedure of appointment of the State Public Prosecutor, implementation of balanced ethnic justice, etc.
This coalition will also be committed to eradicating corruption, to a depoliticized, meritocratic and efficient public administration. Other important pillars of this political platform for the July 15 elections are the elaborations in the field of information and technology, the development of education and health, the involvement of young people in public and democratic life, and the idea of ​​a state that preserves and cultivates human capital.

The application of new forms in the education system, compliance with the labor market, digitalization and increasing competencies are some of the dimensions of reforming the education system precisely defined in this political program. This program also defines equal regional development and fundamental reforms in the health system. Ecology, i.e. a green and digitalized development is defined as an effort to reduce environmental pollution, therefore another aspect that is given importance remains this area. Also, the idea of entrepreneurship and rural development remain pillars of this political program of the coalition Alliance for Albanians & Alternative.

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