Saturday, May 25, 2024

The new MPs have new responsibilities

Author: Sefer Selimi Jr. 

The political, social and economic transition in our country continues to strangulate the general development. We are hostage to a 30-year policy of not being able to make the final break from the mentality installed by the previous system. The rise and fall of various political figures has successfully created the myth of the leader, but every day more and more it destroys the trust in politics and politicians.

Our misfortune and the fate of politicians is that in a political environment contaminated with slander, insults and personal contempt, individuals who can make a difference stay away. Political consistency that is not built on principles but on current political bargains creates moral crises and ideological confusion among members, voters and supporters, echoing Jericho’s song with lyrics by Ali Podrimja  ‘’mother`s milk’’.   

Elections are always a new opportunity to challenge old politics, built on figures, myths and political demagoguery, built on great causes which create the illusion of a quick solution to the problems facing citizens. We must not allow politics to continue to be a haven for the losers who know how to flatter themselves with flattery and glory in the party domes.

This political campaign, especially in the Albanian political camp, comes with a considerable number of new faces in the race to be the representatives of the citizens. Their battle is not easy to break away from the shadow of leaders, some even persistently try to surround themselves with their “light” but they have a responsibility before their generation, whose hopes and ambitions have been suppressed and keep being a hostage by old politics.

This is an opportunity to set a new standard, away from the tradition of low punches and clashes. Do not tell us what your political ancestors did; we live the reality of their politics every day, with the good and the bad they have brought. Tell us what you will do, how you will change the gloomy landscape of politics that knows no bounds and knows no moral and ethical boundaries. Why are you an added value of your party and not the party your only value. Know that hope does not come back with old promises, held hostage by the past. Tell us your pragmatism in order to be worthy representatives in international institutions, where you will face your colleagues who come from the best universities in the world.

The new generation has new responsibilities. If you continue with the old mentality, this policy will return to fertile ground for even worse, more populist and more extremist politicians. Then you will no longer have a place in politics.

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