Sunday, May 19, 2024

We will share from our mouth because they cannot

The coronavirus put the whole world to the test. Dealing with the infection, our authorities constantly remind us that we must understand that these are difficult times and that we must show solidarity. In social relationships, solidarity is defined as a sense of reciprocity and the foundation of mutual assistance between people. Everything is somewhat cleared up here. However, if the definition is required in our reality – who is asking whom to be solidar? To whom should we be in solidarity? How can an ordinary citizen feel that reciprocity with an official and a judge? Who is building it and who is destroying that foundation of mutual aid? Is there solidarity at all?

Author: Каterina Topalova

Some say we should forget about it, for some it never existed, for others we remember it when we need it, and for the smallest category – this is a land of solidarity. And if we go in layers, I find myself in the last group, in those few.

This is a land of solidarity! Constitutional judges have never made a quicker decision. Officials cannot get a minimum wage for two months because those mouths must not divide! They were chosen by the citizens who regularly pay taxes so that they have! Even the judges who postponed all the hearings during the pandemic and stayed at home because they were in solidarity and responsible so as not to spread the infection must not be allowed! That’s why they have to be paid in full! All principals who issued permits to travel in a curfew will only be paid to get out of the house, as they are not used to lock comfortable cars in a garage all weekend. Let us check the possibility to take both holiday and overtime day fees!

Solidarity must be every employee of a private company that has already received the minimum salary for March, and in May, it is uncertain whether it will keep the job. He has to take it out of his mouth because those for whom the Constitution has decided to take the whole salary have done everything to borrow in time and provide loans for their bosses who will probably not be able to keep the employees.
All citizens, from the youngest to the oldest, must be in solidarity, to shop constantly and to scan accounts, but not to forget to donate those 2000 denars to the state. Because do not forget – these are difficult times and we have to help each other!

Solidary must be both teachers and professors who, without any training, have become accustomed to sit at a computer all day, give lectures at Zoom and evaluate objectively. It is those unscrupulous teachers who deserve a minimum wage when they spread false news that they will reportedly continue teaching from May 18 and listen to all the angry parents who explain to them that they must not allow themselves to do so. They must not! They are teachers! Moreover, the state must not find anyone else who does that and punish him! Because it is solidary! Because in these difficult times we must not punish for spreading false news!

In our country, the generally accepted definitions are being upgraded and expanded. Solidarity is mutual help, but in layers! Because even when we talk about solidarity, we should keep in mind an old expression “A raven does not take an eye off to another raven!”


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