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Released language, connected thoughts! – this is the definition for the Macedonian politician.

Author: Katerina Topallova

When you stop something, it becomes very attractive. But we must not forget that with prohibition we also bring shame – as a phenomenon… The psychology of humanity knows how to be much harsher even for things that we did not expect, while we think that we live in an implicit civilized world, which requires that methods of brutality and repression to be only a part of our past, completely unnecessary today and superfluous for the future. But here, the framework in which we are placed, totally destroys the image we dream of! Gone are the days when we thought we had to shame or humiliate someone in order to change their behavior, we thought. But it seems we were wrong…

February will be an interesting month. Politically murky for us, but terribly real for Macedonians in Greece, awaiting the challenge of the Basic Court’s decision to register the Association-Center for the Macedonian Language in Greece.

Benefit or anomaly from the Prespa Agreement? Or the oft-used pun – “but that’s how you interpret it there!”, Markos Bolaris, deputy foreign minister in the Syriza-led Greek government and former head of the Greek delegation to the joint commission for the revision of history texts, tells me, in the working meeting in Thessaloniki in 2019. I will paraphrase his answer – “there is no recognized Macedonian language in the Prespa Agreement, and the terms “Macedonian” and “Macedonian” according to the agreement belong to Greece and are part of Greek history… This is how you read and interpret the Prespa Agreement and it is for your internal affairs”.

Surprising, especially for those who know what they are doing?

The same attitude was also on the profile of the Greek Prime Minister of that time, Alexis Tsipras, on Twitter, so our defenders of absurdity rushed to answer the critics – “but that’s how you interpret it there!” So it was for internal Greek use! The same thing has recently been confirmed by the Greek district prosecutor, Anastasia Kalaitsi, who on February 2 in the District Court in Lerin will challenge the decision of the Basic Court for the registration of the Association-Center for the Macedonian language in Greece. In her statement, clarifying the Prespa obfuscation for the media, she says: “The definition of the ‘Macedonian’ language, mentioned in the Prespa Agreement, bears only a descriptive resemblance to the geographical region of Macedonia, which is a unique and integral part of of the Republic of Greece and is in no way related to it, as a Slavic linguistic idiom which, according to some, was spoken within the geographical boundaries of the Macedonian region of the Republic of Greece… In Greece, there are no ‘Macedonian’ citizens who speak that language, but Greek citizens who speak Greek”.

So now we are not clear who is lying to whom and who is manipulating whom? But slowly things are crystallizing and taking their true form. Although for many it has become clear what trick it is, it has not become clear to the leaders of “Rainbow” who have embraced Prespa’s predestination and that is why the water is now pouring everywhere, in various pits and holes until it disappears. Here, February is on the horizon! We are waiting…

Although it has already been heard, “Rainbow” will say again that the essence is to democratize Greece for the issues of minorities and for Greece to make a reform for the implementation and development of modern national identities. In particular, to inform the citizens that the modern Macedonian national identity is different from the one that has been “served” by the system in Greece for decades. They are members of the Macedonian national minority and, of course, like the “Rainbow”, they are a “cure” for the Greek disease in the Macedonian question and more broadly about Greek national stereotypes – what does P. V. How nice it sounds, but unfortunately it does not in the ears of the decisive factors of Greek society and thought, which, let’s not forget, are the cradle of democracy and a pillar of modern Europe, or translated differently – “blind and deaf”.

Perhaps more interesting is the attitude of Macedonian politics towards this whole nebulous process. Language solved, thought connected! – this is the definition of a Macedonian politician. And at least all his positions and steps regarding the care and actualization of the problem with the Macedonian minority in Greece and their rights and freedoms have been resolved with the Prespa Agreement. Okay, but it’s not! The Macedonian politician and his attitude towards minorities, not only in Greece, but also in Bulgaria and other countries, connect the anecdote about the husband and wife with disabled children. The story goes like this:

The husband and wife have four sons with disabilities, between the ages of eight and twelve. They spend most of the day sitting on a bench in their dirt. Parents neglect them. The parents’ relationship deteriorates, as each wants to blame the other for their children’s condition. Now the two are hesitating whether to have more children.

You can do the learning and interpretation yourself!

Crack!? We need real politicians with strong views… Europe always submits to them. Everything is fetish!


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