Sunday, May 26, 2024

Chaos creates chaos

Over 200 of our fellow citizens have lost the battle with the coronavirus so far. The number we read every day is someone’s parents, brothers, sisters, children … More than 200 families do not know what is happening to them and how they have lost their loved ones. The daily statistics are actually people we met on the street, in the store, in the market, in the theater until a few months ago … And we read all this gathered with a small selected company in the park, without masks and with wonder. The hardest part is when you have to limit yourself to comfort and freedom. What matters is that no one is punished. However, the fine is too high if we have to pay with health.

Katerina Topalova

As we count victims and new infected people, life goes on. The activities of the politicians are in full swing. Elections are being prepared, campaigns are being launched. Although most of them have gone through a period of isolation, they are again in the mill as if nothing had happened. They are collecting political points that the people like more.
All appeals are to the citizens – to pay attention to themselves. However, the finger is also pointed at them, because that is the easiest way to find the culprit.

Well-known British scientist John Dreary, in his article for The Guardian, explains why people should not be blamed for the poor outcome of the virus. According to him, public behavior is crucial, but it is always influenced by government activities, the way we communicate and how people interpret the messages. An increase in resistance to the recommended measures has been observed, which is related to the decline in trust in the institutions. The accusations against the people are wrong; they create new divisions at a time when it is necessary to build unity. When defendants are under pressure, their reaction is to separate themselves from prosecutors and behave differently.

He says the government is to blame for the poor results of dealing with the crisis, which is taking delayed or wrong measures. Dreary points out that it is especially important to address the blame in the right place, and that is not the people!

Chaos cannot create harmony. Chaos only causes chaos. The long-term destruction of the system is hitting us in the head. There are no privileged. We must have empathy for ourselves, for the sick, for the victims, for their families, because we can easily be part of the black statistics. We have to learn that we have rights, but we also have obligations! The community brings privileges but also tasks. Empathy is not pity! The ability to recognize and, to some extent, share feelings (such as sadness or happiness) experienced by another person endowed with feelings. This is my point that each of us should activate!

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