Saturday, May 25, 2024

About Albanian parties

Author: Sefer Selimi Jr. 

For the Democratic Union for Integration

You also know that we know that the “offer for the first Albanian prime minister” is a pre-election political bubble that does not go beyond July 16 but you are in your full right to use it as part of your political PR. More than rethinking ideas, your voters want to see new faces, those of the “DUI of the next 20 years.” Opinion wants to know and hear from those 90% new chair of the branches and sub-branches, those candidates for MPs who have never been on the electoral list before, the reformists who will have to inherit the party. Hundreds of directors and political officials are seen only a month in cafes and teahouses running to collect votes in the campaign. Let us hear from them what they have done and why they have earned their wages and our trust. Therefore, before you promise and ask for votes, be accountable for the work done, in each institution in particular. The time of folk patriotism is over, said your leader a few months ago.

For the AA & AAA coalition

Being against DUI is not an election program. Being against Ali Ahmeti does not make you a leader. Talking about the past does not make you a visionary. Counting mistakes is not the solution to problems. The citizens of this country, and especially the Albanians, have been demanding change for some time, but they do not want a replacement, therefore:
The focus of the campaign should be on the content program, which will reveal to the citizens what change means, a shot from the best future, designed with concrete steps, with a clear plan on how to get there. Citizens are tired of superficial nebulae filled with demagoguery and empty political rhetoric. Be concrete and specific, with clear solutions to the endless problems that citizens face every day and only by solving problems can you reach the majority of citizens.

For the BESA Movement

In a multiethnic country like North Macedonia, pre-election coalitions between different ethnic parties are natural, normal, important and delayed. You took such a step and are proud of your courage to put in place a new practice with the pre-election contract that addresses all issues, including interethnic ones, thus avoiding the pre-election nationalist rhetoric that faded during power-sharing bargains. If you really believe you have taken the right step, stick to it until the end and argue why others should trust you. It is not a shame to say that your candidate for prime minister is Zoran Zaev when other parties are faced with this dilemma. If your contract is sincere, you have not been lied to or you are not lie to us, do not leave the important issues you have talked about in the opposition for later discussion but be part of that contract, written in black and white so that you can to hold you accountable.

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