Sunday, May 19, 2024

Education must not be a problem, it must be an opportunity

The coronavirus has closed schools and is likely to end this school year. That doesn’t mean learning is over. It goes on one way or another. Distance learning or popular online schooling is ongoing. Every change takes time, except for the one who is being raped to give results immediately. Are good results possible? What will our children learn? The (in) competence of our educational system will be shared by the students and the whole society.

Author: Katerina Topalova 

Frustrated parents, confused students, and pressured teachers! Online teaching does not mean just internet and computer. The whole program must be adapted; the teachers must be trained in order to teach the students. Computers are not unknown to the children. We must not limit them to what we have learned, because today’s children are born at a different time.

First, it is necessary to understand that so far we have used technology to learn things with it. Now we can only overcome them through it. Moreover, it is different. Now, technology is the only channel through which children are educated. Do we have experienced staff who know how to approach the challenge?

The assignment of the topics, mastering the material, testing, assessing each student, and questioning face to face must change. Instead of a problem, the corona need to be seen as a necessary change that would normally take a long time to implement. What is needed? Strategy!

 The ministry must urgently help teachers HOW to do so. This condition requires much more than staying in touch with students, spreading love, positive energy and tolerance. It is obvious that the situation will continue, so we must not rush into a decision or put pressure on ourselves.

Education has been our weakest link for years. Education ministers are often the first to step down during the cabinet reconstruction. Therefore, every minister starts his reforms right from the beginning. Nobody finished the old ones; everyone knew how better it was from the beginning. Students have been experimental mice for years.

John F. Kennedy said: “The wrongly educated child is a lost child.” Let us stop counting how much we have lost, let us try not to lose those kids who are currently in front of the screens and waiting for tasks.

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