Sunday, May 19, 2024


The slanderous “exclusives” of timeless people who have nothing to do with journalistic ethics risk simulating misconceptions in the media space. This means “annihilating” objective reality and indulging in the naivety of naive speculation that creates fatal distortions in the perception of real danger that remains beyond the conspiracy theories trying to justify with all sorts of surreal stories. If the discrepancy between objective and virtual reality has long occurred, in a world emergency, the veracity of the information remains vital to approximate the communication code to the unity of meaning that the message must convey, in this case the information.

Author: Bardhyl Zaimi

The days do not begin as usual, they are somewhat more tired and without that momentum of life, that implies an ambition, a purpose, a manifestation of oneself in the square of common life. Time has shrunk to a limited space and is taking on a completely different meaning. Emergencies have given way to a slowdown and a stalemate that comes from a hitherto unexperienced lifestyle.
Accustomed to daily pressures, we cannot relax in a different state, which recognizes another time filled with shortcomings that rob us of fast days, those days that burn like meteors in the sky of our social and social existence. The particular in a context of threat softens, but dreams of communion, the daily ritual set up in the aesthetic cult of urban everyday life.

It seems that we are in an eternal present, without beginning and without end, just as Borges dreamed of time.
People feel endangered by the invisible enemy who escaped from nowhere and who has already paradoxically invaded the entire space possessed by the human being. People also feel endangered in the social sense, because it is not known how long this situation can last, while the fear of survival is spreading like a depression already proven by world recessions.


Everyone is doing his/her battle in the circumstances created. Doctors on the front line, while science tries with all its might to identify this invisible enemy to give the world a much-needed cure or vaccine. With dozens of institutes, scientific research centers are already relentlessly trying to find the weak point of the virus to give humanity normalcy.
Time, the world we know, seems to have split in two, creating two states that swim apart. Two worlds already facing each other, each with its own probabilities. The world as we know it, normal, seeking to triumph over depression, and the world dictated by the deadly virus that seeks to assert its power as far as it can always with fatal consequences for the human being.

The human being is already in a situation with many unknowns that make the equation of victory over the corona virus complicated, but not hopeless. Despite many efforts to find the right answer, it seems that the challenge of viruses passing from an unknown habitat to the human entity remains unexplained to the end. Science requires expertise, while humanity is in a hurry to return to normalcy. A normality that implies free movement, circulation and human relations in a certain space of freedom.
However, for now, that seems impossible, at a time when the virus is spreading its presence throughout the globe. Human history recognizes a trajectory of experience and knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation. In this respect, pandemics also have their history. Over time, there has been no shortage of historical views of pandemics. All this experience comes to tell us that the only medicine, as long as there is no cure and vaccine, remains the quarantine applied even during epidemics, various pandemics throughout human history.

This prevention has already been structured in concrete measures this time as well, which means hygiene, physical distancing and restriction of movement, i.e. self-isolation.
While an extraordinary battle is taking place globally to define the virus, but also to avoid and reduce the consequences that in this case are people’s lives in the media space, the phenomenon of false news appears, which creates confusion in the public and meanwhile encourages people who violate self-isolation measures. Fighting fake news in this situation remains vital, because unverified news, in addition to creating a completely misleading and unscientific perception of the virus threat, inspires people to “rebel” against a global package of recommendations that means the only way to save the sanctity of life. The human mind has always been prone to conspiracy, to conspiracies, but when this opinion is structured and placed in the media space, in a fragile time, the reception of this pseudo-information by a part of the public can be fatal.

The media space needs, as never before, verified information, professionalism and full objectivity in reflecting the situation created by the threat of the corona virus. The more the media is in this function, the easier the battle with pandemic becomes. The slanderous “exclusivities” of timeless people who have not the slightest connection with journalistic ethics risk simulating a non-existent situation in the media space. This means “destroying” the objective reality and indulging in the nightmares of naive speculations that create fatal distortions in the perception of real danger that remains present beyond the conspiracy theories that try to justify it with all sorts of surreal stories.
That the human being needs a shift to other realms of existence especially in this time of narrowness from a real threat is already known and will not require any elaborate analysis. However, this shift must be made in creative forms, while maintaining prevention and not ignoring or declaring non-existent a situation faced by all countries of the globe.

If the discrepancy between objective and virtual reality has long occurred, in a world emergency, the veracity of the information remains vital to approximate the communication code to the unity of meaning that the message must convey, in this case the information.
As it seems still fatally, we are with one foot in the objective reality that does not recognize compromises and naive jokes and virtual reality filled with conjectures of naive profiteers in the media space.
The veracity of the information that carries the completely real danger situation from the corona virus is imperative of the media space currently, but also in the following days. Jokes, humor in virtual space, on social networks is another thing. This in a way represents the necessary shift in a space of creativity to cope with the restriction of the freedom of being accustomed to the laws and “whims” of normality.

However, we are already in this situation and it remains necessary to get used to the restriction of our freedom, which comes to affirm the sanctity of life. We can travel even without moving from place to place. Jan Parandivski in his extraordinary book “Alchemy of the Word” says that a creator does not necessarily have to visit places to write, it is enough to visit the places within himself. A subtle and overly humorous mood has erupted on social media along with the spread of the virus. Certainly a creative mood that remains fully aware of the situation created by the threatening virus.

We are already in a paradoxical situation of increasing limitation and energy that is always produced when prohibitions appear before human life. We need to live for a while with the dichotomy that normally sometimes creates frustration, but also an opportunity to feel the smell of things within our forgotten family paradise.
No situation, no matter how hopeless, can stop life. I am recalling in this case an excerpt from Flaubert’s “Temptation of St. Anthony.” Among other things, it says that no matter how much life is endangered, it still finds cracks to restore itself.

Perhaps we are facing a great unprecedented transposition in human history. The threat of viruses may change your lifestyle. One thing remains for sure that life will always find cracks to pulsate in any situation. It remains to defend others and ourselves at a time when the veracity of the threat cannot be replaced by any naive conjecture that extends like a fatal black shadow in the media space.


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