Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Beyond hysteria and the irrational fear, beyond the naiveté and naive disrespect lies the human and civic responsibility to keep up with the WHO-proclaimed measures to protect against coronavirus.

Writes: Bardhyl Zaimi

Every human life is unique and unrepeatable. Protecting life remains the most meaningful essence of our existence. Throughout human history various diseases, epidemics have attacked human life. The world has passed through millions of victims of diseases that have emerged as epidemics and pandemics.

The plague, the Spanish flu, the tuberculosis, and the viruses of the last era are human experiences of the great trials of a fragile yet strong human life.
Fortunately, many earlier illnesses have been provided with medicine, certainly after many human deaths.

A grand battle of the human mind with the permanent threat of diseases. Of course, there is a limit to what extent can the medicine heal and prevent, while the threatening unknown is constantly rolling in previously unexplored forms. They are the probabilities of interconnected habitats that already appear to be a threat to unidentified viruses from science and lack a verifiable scientific cure.

Such is the case with the coronavirus, which is taking lives around the world. A pathogen, according to scientists, intelligent enough to appear and attack without warning api as stated in the language of medicine without symptoms. The World Health Organization has already declared it a pandemic, while urging states to take more serious measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

While there is no scientifically verified cure, the only protective measure remain limitations, case identification, and treatment by methods known by medicine.
All countries have already announced measures, which are considered as a preventive as long as there is no vaccine against the virus.

Beyond jokes, frivolity, but also fear and panic, it is time for an awareness of the serious threat of the coronavirus. It is certainly not the time for panic, but not even for the frivolity and stupid “courage” that completely neglects the risk. According to many evaluations, it is precisely this disregard for the limitations and other instructions coming from the science of medicine that has given the virus the chance to harvest human lives.

Beyond the hysteria and irrational fear, beyond the naiveté and naive disrespect lies the human and civic responsibility to keep up with the measures proclaimed by the WHO. Human life remains unrepeatable, and we are responsible for this Lord’s blessing. We together should all be at the height of the emergency, without fear, but with the supreme obedience to every human life.

Simply without panic, with full awareness, to reflect on the unknown threat of the corona virus that has swept the world. Public culture remains so important in this case, the health culture that minimizes risk, but also proves that we highly value everyone’s life.

Of course, within this awareness jokes can produce adrenaline, positive energy, so needed in gloomy situations. Have good health, wash your hands, and limit movements. Human life is fragile, but magnificent and strong in its continuity. Be the protector of every exemplar of human life, with a high awareness of the emergency that has swept the world.

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