Thursday, May 23, 2024

Irresponsibility is a partner of the virus

The world is before a test- confronting a contamination that is spreading as a lightning. When the virus was mowing only in China, the news was placed before the end of the information block in the media. It was climbing on the timetable as it approached our border. Now it’s news number one. We have the infection at home! It’s not time to panic! It’s time for organization and unity!

Everyone has a role to play in dealing with the virus. It is up to everyone how it will progress and at what speed we will destroy it. It is up to everyone will they be in the hospital bed. No privileged ones! This is an alarm that indicates it’s time to act reasonably! If you want a functional system, you need to understand that we are the system!

In moments of crises in the surface float all the social anomalies. Lack of empathy, lack of collective responsibility, low awareness, (un) readiness of the society to recognize important from unimportant news.

Coronavirus is another reminder of self-knowing, who are we and where have we done wrong. This contagion is a secret inaudible voice that in front of nature we are all equal. In trouble, we are all the same and it depends on everyone. When living in a community, no one should be excluded.

Such conditions, remind me of the rotten apple rule. If in a bucket with healthy juicy apples, you have only one rotten apple, it will not heal because of the others but it will get the healthy ones sick.

In conditions of relaxation we forget about our simplicity, we covet, we mock, we nourish our ego and we depart from our core values. Nature always finds a way, most often cruel, to bring us back to where we belong. We are all in front of the red line. The virus does not choose by the skin color, race, age, power, sex, it just simply kicks in! We are all untouchable until it touches us.

In a war with the enemy, you should go uniquely and together! Especially if he is invisible and threatens everyone! It’s not a time for pointing fingers! It’s not a time for heroes! It is time to overcome the situation in order to save ourselves!

We must restore humanity. To show solidarity and think for ourselves and the community. On the contrary, we will all end up like healthy apples in the company of the rotten one!

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