Thursday, May 23, 2024


On the election campaign for the April 12 lies a shadow of danger that must not be ignored with frivolousness and passion for victories and political crowds. The parties in the meantime, have to think of other election strategies that will be in line with the situation created by the possible spread of coronavirus, namely the prevention of keeping away this “unknown” for now, which is capturing the world. Meetings with fewer people, online forms of communication are some of the ways that large gatherings can be avoided. So rationality instead of passion.

Writes: Bardhyl Zaimi

The Coronavirus epidemic has already mobilized the world to take the necessary measures. China, Italy and Iran as countries most affected by the virus are waging a tremendous battle to prevent the spread of the virus. The figures published by the World Health Organization are now known, while the number of infected people is always increasing, but not to the extent of declaring it a pandemic. The map of countries affected by the virus is increasingly expanding, meanwhile that calls for attention from the WHO and numerous international experts are becoming ever more present.

The first cases of coronavirus infection have already been recorded in the countries of the region. Four cases have been officially reported in North Macedonia, while the first two have already been registered in Albania. Cases of the virus have also been recorded in Serbia, Montenegro, while Kosovo remains untouched. The virus is already present in the region as well, and countries in the region have taken appropriate measures to prevent the spread.

Initially, this deadly virus had been detected in Wuhan, China more than a month ago, but cases of infection have now appeared in more countries. Human-to-human transmission has created a state of emergency globally, especially given the fact that the current times of globalization create much greater space and risk of spread.

Experts explain the presence of panic globally by the fact that science, despite many efforts, has not yet identified the origin and nature of the virus. Despite a lot of professional analysis, it is still unknown with what kind of virus is the humanity really facing and it is not known if it can mutate. Scientific interpretations are divided. A pair of researchers estimate that the rising temperatures will “burn” this virus like any other virus, while another pair of medical professionals don’t believe if the virus will be eliminated by warming weather.

Many countries are already looking for a vaccine against the virus, while the US has allocated billions to find a vaccine and prevent it from spreading. The world, however, is in front of an unknown high-risk virus, but not before surrender. Cases of death and recovery compared to other viruses are reported to be much lower, but the fact that the virus still remains in unknown territory for science reveals a near ontological fear. Many experts and political representatives of the countries have said that perhaps the emergence and treatment of the virus in the media remains exaggerated, while at the same time calling for caution, also recommending ways to protect ourselves.

The unknown that attacks the human being has always aroused fear and panic. According to many experts, this very aspect of coronavirus is causing a lot of panic among people. However, this virus is present in the human being and the danger must be seen very realistically, without glorification, but also without neglect by state institutions. Despite the interpretations of the risk of the virus, it seems that the world is entering another dimension of emergency that many experts say will have other consequences, especially in economic aspect.

North Macedonia has already registered four cases of coronavirus. Representatives of the health ministry have formally reported these cases, while the necessary recommendations for prevention have been given and calls for the avoidance of any gatherings of whatsoever. Albania, which has already registered two cases, has taken more drastic measures. It is announced that by the decision of the Government the schools will be closed until March 23. In North Macedonia, despite the fact that four cases have been registered, there are still no warnings for suspensions. It is not known how events will unfold in the meantime, but it is very important that the risk of coronavirus be seen very realistically by state institutions and by the citizens themselves.

Beyond the usual jokes typical of our region, it remains very important that the risk of coronavirus to increase institutional preventive and make people aware of the whole spectrum of preventive measures that should be taken in the meantime.

As it is known, North Macedonia is also ahead of the early parliamentary elections, which means gatherings of political parties with the citizens. In campaign times, usually the first thing that strikes is rationality. As glorified as it may seem, coronavirus will have its own effect on the election campaign process as well. Perhaps as Balkans, we may not be bothered about it, but the danger remains there, the “global unknown” is there to make us realize that politics at the time of coronavirus will necessarily have to be pushed into another race, far from the rapture of pre-election “muscle” demonstrated at large rallies of political parties.

As long as the risk continues to be present and it is not known when another coronavirus situation may arise, the politics will have to transform itself into other dimensions in line with the prevention that the still unknown virus is claiming to affect human lives. Beyond fear, panic, not caring and glorification, state institutions and citizens will generally need to cultivate awareness and preventive measures against coronavirus. Amidst the April 12 election campaign lies a shadow of danger that must not be ignored with frivolity and passion for victories and political crowds.

In the meantime, the parties may have to think of other electoral strategies that will be in line with the situation created by the possible spread of coronavirus, namely the prevention of keeping away this “unknown”, which is for now capturing the world. Meetings with fewer people, online forms of communication are some of the ways that large gatherings can be avoided.

However, we live in the Balkans and here everything is magical realism. Same as in Latin American literature. Same as in “Love in the Cholera Times,” or “One Hundred Years of Solitude” from Marquez. However, it can happen to neglect everything and have a “politics” at the time of coronavirus. We are in the Balkans and the “unknown” is sometimes utterly overlooked or turned into an almost postmodern joke.

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