Monday, May 20, 2024

For women

As a woman, in woman’s month, I felt the need to write a word or two about gender status in this society. Before the official day, when with a rose, perfume or new shoes you show her attention, I want to address the true commitment of society the woman to be equal.

It is not a secret that we live in the men’s world where women fill some quotas. The woman-leader and at the same time a mother who faces numerous stereotypes. A huge part of the society condemns her why she is dedicated to her career and thus does not devote enough time to her family, judging that one cannot have both a career and a healthy family at the same time. The woman in the highest position must clear things out that she will build a wall around her so that all rumors circling like bullets cannot torn her down.

To me, the alleged war for gender equality that men place is hypocritical. No political leader cannot convince me that it is difficult to find enough educated, smart, and hard-working women who will show high results. How many women are in charge of municipalities? How many women are in charge of ministries? When did we have a woman for a president? It remains a practice they do not want to change, to breed a society that will doubt women’s qualities.

The woman in our country is still perceived as fragile and soft, and she is required to be a good housewife, devoted mother and passionate mistress. Anything other than this can easily be criticized and attached to the pillar of shame.

It is still unusual for us if a father uses maternity leave, cooks, cleans, or cares for children. Supporting such attitudes keeps the woman away from leadership positions and does not help her to accomplish herself. And not to be misunderstood, I don’t think that women should have power over men. But they have to fight for power over themselves!

The woman in our society must mature on her own! To start believing in herself. To fight! Invest in her own education and not be reconciled with any passivity! No society should be afraid of a woman with a book! The famous Oprah Winfrey says: “It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. The ability to win starts in you always!” Or my favorite quote from Rosen Bar:

“One thing that all women have yet to learn is that no one gives power! You just have to take it! ”

Unfortunately, in our country, women still die from insufficient care for their own health. In many rural areas during their period they sit at home and do not attend classes because their families cannot afford pads. Gynecologists are miles away from their places of residence. A recent example is the departure of the gynecologist from Shutka where hundreds of Roma women were examined. It is a neighborhood in Skopje.

In the capital city. We do not have to go any further. Here women are not the same from municipality to municipality and even less in urban and rural areas. And that isn’t a care for women! And that is not a war for women’s status. So, March 8th will be a happy time to realize that the war for women’s rights is common! Social!

Women, be strong and independent! Be an example to your daughters and grandchildren and teach them not to be afraid!

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