Saturday, May 25, 2024

A Countdown March

It looks like we have very few people left in the country. This is also felt in the innovative ideas of the parties. Not that they ever surprised us with who knows what, but now you can desperately see that we are empty. That we lack staff shows the fact that the same person advises politicians and tailors their activities.

When last week Zaev announced a march for justice after three years in power, I thought I did not understand something well. When I actually saw that there was nothing better to understand, I said – it is up to me!

VMRO-DPMNE initially mocked the idea. I said here is a reasonable reaction. When in fact they were jealous of them. Not a week has passed since the opposition with the same scenario went out in the streets. After 11 years of power-seeking justice.

I tried to imagine the picture. Ideas were missing, and then the smartest one was found and he called the party’s leaders in Mavrovo, held a weekend seminar and told them how best to act in order to convince the voters. I do not know if DUI managed to get to the seminar in time, but this week we will know exactly.

It is desperate to march for justice when the people have given you the opportunity to allow it to prevail. Neither in the previous 11 years nor in the last three years have you fulfilled your promises. So now marching seems like a desperate move. Powerless to handle the challenge. Moreover, what is the logic of giving the powerless the chance and power again?

Your ideas are bad. Empty.

In all these years, you did not allow a census to be made, out of fear. However, if the march serves as a countdown, then you surely understand that things are not good.

I can understand you too. The rule of justice means your downfall. It is natural for the struggle to go to the end.

March while you have somebody to march with you. Little by little. Now you  appreciate all the shoes that decide to join you. They are not many! More are those who leave their mark on airports every day. They usually take a one-way ticket. That march is the silent resistance you do not want to hear.

The old ones say – do not argue with a crazy person! That is what young people are doing! They do not argue! They are just leaving!

Therefore, I suggest that the next march to be from the first toll to the airport! It will be will be more numerous, and you will send us, as it should!

Të fundit