Sunday, May 19, 2024

For whom does the technical Government work?

“In order for anyone not to have alibi and excuses for the election results, we agreed starting from October 20th until the elections, SDSM after prior consultation with VMRO-DPMNE and DUI to submit a proposal for a technical minister of the interior, which means a person who in no way is associated with any political party. At the same time, we have opened an opportunity for SDSM to suggest a Minister of Labor and Social Policy from the same date. At the same time, in these two ministries, VMRO-DPMNE will appoint its deputy ministers with the right to inspect and veto all election-related issues. “Such a statement was given by the previous Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, in July 2015 when the parties signed the Przino agreement.

According to him, before this election, the glorious agreement is again being respected. Forming a transitional or technical Government, new prime minister, new ministers and their deputies were put. It is important for the parties that no one can influence the electoral process and thus undermine democracy. It should also matter to the citizens. But, what has the technical Government forgotten?

Forming the old- new composition, the Government cabinet forgot that even 100 days before the elections it should work for the citizens and facilitate their daily functioning. The situation is absurd right from the beginning. In each ministry, the parties have their own members. Some at the head place and some at the substitute place. These people who are supposed to work for the citizens do not sit in the same office. Their workrooms are on different floors, and some do not even have a working desk.

They compete daily who is going to make more statements criticizing the other side. It is difficult to follow from beginning to the end with what they are accused of. Almost none of them offer a solution while criticizing someone elses measure.
Before and after the entry into force of the technical Government, the members have done their best to set up appropriate traps. They trap and work to slander each other through the media exclusively with populist rhetoric.

The passport crisis is the biggest mirror for the technical Government’s functionality. There was a violation of the constitutionally guaranteed right of every citizen. Who will answer? Normally, no one! Who will pay the price? Normally, the citizens! For whom does the technical Government work? Normally, only for party interests only! It is the last blow for a knock down state who is barely surviving!

I do not know how were they imagining the technical Government in the not-so-distant 2015, but obviously they thought well how to screw up the idea! Let us not lie ourselves, 100 days before the election there is a chaos that someone has decided to name it as a technical Government. And it doesn’t work for the citizens, because its job is to outrun the political opponent.


During our first class of journalism, our professor told us a wise thought:

“You can lie some people all the time,
You can lie all people for a period of time,
But you can’t lie all people all the time! “


The technical Government is losing its meaning. I am afraid that the elections will lose its meaning too if it loses its voters!


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