Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Virtual schizophrenics of political parties

Author: Sefer Selimi Jr.

Unlike 10 years ago, today our lives are a hybrid reality between the real and the virtual world, an uninterrupted interaction with reciprocal impact dictating almost everything, including our individual and collective identity. If in the past we had to connect to the internet to enjoy the virtual world, today we have to break away to return to the real world, while closer we have friends who are online than friends who are on our table.

This transformation of the daily life organization, the building of relationships and our collective and individual interaction is the reality to which we willingly or unwillingly adapt. Like any social evolution, besides the benefits, it also comes with many unknowns, risks, and challenges for which we will have to pay a cost, the approximate value of which we can calculate from a longer distance, in order to overcome them. The truth of this era is that we live several parallel lives except the real one, built depending on the platform where we develop it. But cynicism is there because despite some parallel lives many people are not fulfilled and create parallel lives in their parallel life – false profiles. This virtual schizophrenia is just as dangerous as it is in the real world, and the consequences that come from it can have, and have had, an impact on our lives.

This time we shall not be talking about maniacs stealing someone else’s identity to sabotage their integrity, neither for pedophiles, nor for hysterics, nor for married lovers who want to betray, nor for intriguers who want to intervene between the parties, nor for rеcketeers and many other virtual schizophrenics. This time we will talk about the virtual schizophrenics of political parties. They are always around us following us step-by-step, observing every our post, every liking, sharing, photography. Their number is increasing significantly in special cases, especially when the party has a public relations crisis and especially when the election campaign comes.

It’s the time of the flood of friendship requests, from girls with bombastic breasts, girls with common looks, boys and men with similar traits of ours to those who openly display their schizophrenia by putting their party leader as a profile photo. Unlike real persons who with their full and legitimate right support a particular party, leader or person in the same way as they have the right to oppose and criticize, the virtual schizophrenics of political parties are rascals without courage and dignity, caught up in the smallness of greed and personal interest in serving the party blindly.

They are the criers of the lie who fight against the truth, the Machiavellians who spare nothing to achieve the goal, the lickspittles who violate the dignity of everyone to receive praise from the party. Their rank within the party varies from a simple member to the leadership, perhaps even to the leader himself.

Virtual party schizophrenics are capable of praising, weaving praise and exaggerating party successes even when they do not exist. They are diligent for reviling, criticizing and muddling the political opponent. They are not lazy to engage in long, fierce debates with anyone opposed to the party, even more beautiful are the debates with their virtual schizophrenic colleagues from the opposing party. They are the knights of black, denigrating and lying campaigns.

But more than anything, they are terrified when someone has independent attitudes that does not serve a particular party but strives to be rational, closer to the truth, without deception and without party’s interest. For virtual schizophrenics, it is incomprehensible that one might think in a way that does not originate from the party headquarters or the secret groups on Facebook that today play the role of the informative party’s newsletter. For them it is impossible that one could build a position based on principles, ideas on which they believe. For them there is only one truth and it is the truth of the party so blindly, without choosing the ideology, the means, the time and the way they fight free thought, independent more than anything else because free thought can liberate them one day even those from the party without the party they are a huge nothing.

Virtual schizophrenics are loud, noisy ones that take up a huge space in the online public debate. Now is their season to testify themselves in front of the leader and the party. So emboldened by hiding behind a false identity, they will attack, denigrate, and try to stifle every angle that will try to bring sobriety to public opinion. And perhaps they might reap some victory, but their victories are false, as they are.


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