Sunday, May 19, 2024


Militants do not doubt their idea, because their thinking is not produced by readings, dialogue, tolerance, interaction, and inclusiveness, but by party canon that proclaims the great truth, the exclusionary truth that knows only “companions” and “enemies” which should be unquestionably hated. The struggle for power should in no way undermine democracy as a square of freedom and human affirmation

Author: Bardhyl Zaimi

We often get tired of theories and look for other spaces of discourse. Journalism demands factography, which in essence remains a tiring process of sources, quotes, impartial structures that reflect a certain reality, a public interest, which requires reflections and interpretations.

Whenever you seek to escape the coldness of factography, you are always immersed in deep dilemmas of arbitrary interpretations or impressions that can only be  unsustainable opinion, a reflection of a moment that in most cases is just a bubble of reality.

In the public space flooded by the mediocrity of Flober’s “ready ideas”, you may be lost. You may be lost because in the “postmodernity” of ordinary militancy that is recruited by aggressive ideologies, rationality remains a fragile stronghold that strikes in all sides.

The militants do not doubt their idea, for their thinking is not produced by readings, dialogue, tolerance, interaction and inclusiveness, but by the party canon that proclaims the great truth, the exclusionary truth that knows “contemporaries” and undisputed “enemies”. 

Hard shaded January except the unbearable frost is also bringing the first “arrows” of the uncompromising battle that is expected to intensify by the time of the April 12 early elections. In the political scene, the first signs of political impatience and attacking discourse are given.

Indications are emerging in the public sphere that in a normal state the prosecution would immediately deal with them. In the political scene, political logic is often exposed after a while to promote logic. If you have promoted aggression, according to an unwritten law you will be a prey to aggression. It is like a cyclical energy that goes back to the beginning of beginnings.

In the political arena here, things do not happen in the realm of political rationality, but are often repeated up to banality as metaphorical recycles, a Balkan’s “macondosh”. Sometimes political realities cannot be interpreted through methodologies and the rational horizon, but can only be described through a paradoxical literature imposed by Shakespearean events, characters and shadows that are somewhere in the backdrop of “human and national dignity”.

In this public space, it remains important what emerges here and now as a “rebel” militant of personal causes, and of little importance what you were yesterday, in the name of which party you have demonized others. In unconsolidated democracies and modern political substance, demonization remains the only “essence” of public debate. In the “lodges” of this demonization are the same demonizers of yesterday, who have already just switched political “causes”, those causes through which they “honestly” recruit new seedlings of militant thought.

Militant thinking remains as a cholera for free and argumentative thinking, it remains the hallmark of political and cultural sensitivities that require an evolving space and quality transformation. Militant thinking is the first disposition of aggressive totalitarianism that requires at all costs the “annihilation” of the other that is different in thought and empathy.

Militant thinking requires the imagination, the pathos, the supreme “morality” invented for a given situation. It seeks the indisputable, while manipulating with resentment for personal gain. The general interest is activated only in the fertile seasons of benefits.


The militant inspirers are producers of aggressiveness and public space full of insults and disqualifications. Filled with fatal dichotomies of “patriots” and “traitors.” Inspirers of aggressive discourses, only when the mask of functioning begins to fall, call on “prudence”. The cynical inspirers do not know the normal, the evolution, but only the passion behind the old thrones that are now seen as thrones of the future.

We are on the verge of campaigning and these aggressive discourse inspirers usually show up when their personal intoxication battle begins. Society as an entity of different strata and values undoubtedly remains an arena of unbroken political and cultural endeavors and cultivations. Political pluralism is affirmed in the square of democracy as a space of competition of ideas, concepts and values. Political parties are carriers of this democratic and cultural mission. The struggle for power should in no case undermine democracy as a square of freedom and human affirmation. This square of freedom requires well thought out ideas, sustainable values and the affirmation of change as a worldview and as an approach to all that politics and democracy mean.

Outside this conceptual and profoundly humane framework, it runs the risk of slipping into the aggressiveness of deeply barren ideological militant thinking.

Eventually it is time to overcome these full forms of backwardness and “rebellions” of party branches and sub-branches, to move on to another dimension of policymaking that implies political modernity rather than slanderous militant “moralities” that metastasize as the bizarre forms of a plebeian “rebelism”.

Time is for conceptual and programmatic contests, for creative delegitimations that open other political, cultural and economic horizons. At this stage, one cannot enter without concrete projects of ideological dimension. One cannot go wrong with the logic so far. Shared knowledge and vision unqualified, as a political substance is required. The election is near and the time is so short to think of a mountain of problems that people face.

Some things are so tangible and do not require strain to articulate them as political vision. Otherwise, the apathy and burst of emptiness of this space will prevail. It will triumph over the crying of militants and their inspirers who are stuck in benefit logos!


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