Saturday, May 25, 2024

Everyone wants to lick from the honey

“Honey Land” blurred everyone’s mind. The film, which gained worldwide fame even before it officially won an Oscar, at home went through several phases.

First phase:

Recording. For three years, no one knew anything about the film. Atixhe lived a very difficult life, providing survival in coexistence with the bees and nature. After deciding to participate, she lived for three years in front of a lens. Day, night, winter, and summer, the modest woman in front of the cameras did all the things that she did before the spotlights turned on.

Second Phase:

Broadcasting. After it was broadcasted, “Honey Land” has received praise from a handful of documentary lovers and with that, it sold more tickets to cinemas in Macedonia.

Third Phase:

Rewards. As the film rolled around the world, the rewards began to swing by themselves. Announcing the awards, everyone realized that they should be fans of this seemingly ordinary story.

Fourth phase:
Nominations. After the Oscars nomination, “Honey Land” experienced a stir of emotions at home. They went from one extreme to the other, from the best film we can be proud of to a disastrous story that paints a distorted picture of our country.

However, the documentary story that sews the suits and dresses of the main “culprits” of Hollywood survived a hysteria here. Honey was smelled by everyone, but it is difficult to control emotions. In the jar, everyone wants to put down the scoop and lick the honey. If you are lucky you can have more.

Following the historic success of the “Honey Land”, a zoo monkey was named after the movie star, and those in charge made social media PRs explaining that with their move they tried to show respect to the heroine in the movie.

Ministers and technical ministers competed who would post a “selfie” with Atixhe. In only one day, the journalists found out where the village of Bekirlija is and they sang songs with her. The mayor suddenly realized that he lacked a hygienist and that Atixhe was ideal for that job. The government is providing tickets for the whole team to go to Hollywood. Homes for film actors have also been promised and awards for the team working on the documentary.

There is a well-known sporting action that takes place every year in our country, the name of which fully corresponds to the hysteria surrounding the movie “First to the Top”!

It is important to know that Bekirlia is far, the road is steep, it requires lots of condition, patience and a lot of muddy footwear. The room where Atixhe lived is dark, empty and cold. The bees from which she lived are numerous, buzzing and biting if you break their rule. Neither Atixhe became famous for a move, nor will you be celebrated if you have her photo. Honey is sweet! However, it takes a lot of work to get there!

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