Saturday, May 25, 2024

The Power of Nature Those who are not killed by the earthquake, will be killed by stress and fear

We were all shook somewhere; the last one shook me in the studio before I was reading a notification. I am publically thanking to all my colleagues, who while they were shaken they were calming me by saying that I was very safe and that nothing was going to happen. It is an honor and joy to have such people on your shift! To all of them I am very thankful! My television colleagues will understand me better! Once again – O Lord help us!

Katerina Topalova

This was written in my Facebook thanking announcement after the video came out showing my reaction to the earthquake while I was reading a live announcement. Together with my shift colleagues, we survived the shock of September 12, 2016 in Skopje.

Me in the studio, I was reading news, my family at home. As we got into the ether for a new announcement, all the lamps, the table in front of me, the cameras, the tripods, the TVs, all the equipment in the big studio sounds it was announcing an end. It shook and loomed over my head.

I felt so powerless against the power of nature that at that moment it showed how small everything was in relation to it.

A new reminder of values

The previous night I woke up again by a heavy swing. Since the dreadful 2016, I have never found peace in my soul because of the feeling that has been installed in me by the powerful tremor. Those who are not killed by the earthquake, will be killed by stress and fear 

The seconds of swing last forever! And as they pass away, that pain in the soul that never ceases to evaporate in the form of fear endures forever. This time in Albania! How strongly was it shaking there when I from Skopje got up from my sleep ?! The first thought – God let there be no victims!

Moreover, there is no sleep! There is no peace! The news of the dead, injured, missing is listed! Videos in which people were howling and crying for help can be heard once again testifies the need for unity. Suddenly, the desire for a new car, a bigger home, expensive clothes and jewelry is lost as if it were never part of our thinking.

Finally, when we see it, everything that is valuable in life could be kept by hand. When we are faced with death, we leave the other without thinking with great ease. It may be cruel but at times, such a shake is good to remind us of our transience, for in the age of peace and greediness all that we do is greed.

Suddenly you have no enemies. Suddenly you have no hatred and anger. All you want is for nature to leave you at peace so that you can enjoy every new moment with your loved ones. The circle of important people narrows like a hoop. Only a few are important, those who have called on you with the question – “Are you okay?” Isn’t it so? 

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