Thursday, May 23, 2024

Beyond solidarity on tragic days

Author: Sefer Selimi Jr. 

November 28 this year came under the disguise of tragedy for Albanians. The fatal earthquake with epicenter near Durres took more than 40 lives. The material damage is huge, and the ruined houses left hundreds of families homeless. Balance: over 40 lost lives, ruined homes and dwellings, fear, pain, insecurity, panic and tears everywhere.

While tragedy came uninvited to disperse death and pain, it brought with it the very best of human nature – solidarity. The terrifying sights flowing from the screen prompted a rapid and massive reaction not only among Albanians, but almost from all over Europe! There is a saying that good friends are seen in difficult days and these days proved that Albanians and Albania have many friends

Social networks were filled with calls to gather basic materials for survivor by sending hundreds of vans with thousands of tons of needed products in just a few hours, and dozens of donation accounts collected millions of dollars from ordinary people. All the Governments of neighboring countries simultaneously sent special forces to assist search and rescue operations, and at extraordinary meetings spread initial sums to the Government of Albania.

All this formal and informal mobilization was a beautiful picture in these gloomy days, a hope in the midst of all this despair, much love in the midst of all this pain but above all, it was a revival of humanity as it came through the tragedy. It is a reminder that beyond that we can still have differences in language, culture, worldviews, our financial well-being or any other differences, at the end of the day we are all equal before nature and tomorrow, we can all be in such a tragic situation, in desperate need of a helping hand that can make a difference between life and death.

Human nature has the mechanisms installed within us to respond instinctively to emergencies, but is that enough? Is it enough to be human only in such tragic days? Is it enough to help only when pictures evoke the emotion of compassion?

As a society, as individuals we must always train ourselves to keep alive the sense of humanity, this engine of solidarity. This rude world is filled with many unfortunates that life has not dealt with them with its best and a helping hand can change their destiny forever.

Albania was an unannounced test, which we will pass successfully, but to pass the final exam we have a life ahead of such tests and therefore we need solidarity even beyond this tragic day.


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