Sunday, May 19, 2024


“Don’t give up! Never give up! Do it for your country and for your fellow citizens, regardless of the obstacles you will face and the ones that they will set up for you. “The Romanian symbol of the fight against corruption, Laura Kovesi, was among the first to visit and give advice to her Skopje’s colleague, Katica Janeva. They both didn’t give up, but from what?

The story of the strong and fair Kovesi in Romania, however, does not end in glory. Although it seems to have successfully tackled corruption, no one expected to be targeted by the ruling party after putting its leader, Liviu Dragnea, in prison. In the case, there were political allegations against Kovesi, one conviction and later dismissal from the post of National Directorate of Anticorruption, a counterpart of the Special Prosecutor’s Office in Macedonia.

The glorious SPO in our country began to lose its glare after internal divisions were felt in the public. The final blow was given by the head of the institution. All the confidence of the people cost the bed of her suspect. The main character, the devoted heroine who was expected to fill Idrizovo to the last place, was among the first to capture a cell.

But if we were to look at the bright side, Katica sat angry rivals on the table. Inter-party working groups were looking for solutions to important issues. When there are many people than it is difficult to agree. And she brought together all the leaders. They were waiting for the night to come in order to look for the exit. Who will shine in the darkest? Isn’t the morning wiser than the night?

General rules are not applicable in Macedonia. If there is an exception to every rule, then it is us. Because when we make laws we do not see how we will obey them, but as we carry them we look for ways to deceit them. So it was with Katica. They spent nights in Przino negotiating and analyzing how they would outplay her.

The night is a symbol of passion, secret, prohibited game. The past says that a new Katica Kovesi or Laura Janeva is coming. The show performance is empty. The audience, though tired, will continue to look forward to another hit. These are the musical notes, only the hope will make us think that a new direction in music is coming. And it will play and it will play the loudest throughout the whole state.

When I mentioned the concept state, it reminded me of the case of the famous Serbian philosopher Vladeta Jeretiḱ, which is constantly being retelled. Namely, when his student asked to treat him with a drink, as a thanking sign for learning a lot from his professor, he replied:

“Do not always go after the principle I for you and you for me. I’ve done something for you. Now don’t do something for me. When someone does something good for you, you do something good for a third person, and he or she will do something good for a completely different person, and in this way we create a circle of good deeds. The rule of me to you and you to me is a reflection of tribal consciousness and grounds for corruption! ”

In our tribal state it is still important to play by the rule – I to you but not now and you to me not later! All happy and satisfied!

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