Sunday, May 19, 2024


Аuthor: Katerina Topalova

Half of the population is unemployed, the public debt is raising. In the last report the World Bank reminded that the state should be urgently engaged in economic reforms. The public debt in 2108 has grown up in comparison with 2017, thus consisting 49 percent of the bruto state production, slowing down the formation  of the working places. The reason for this, according to the World Bank, is the limited dynamics of the private sector.

Meanwhile, the European Institute of Statitics, Eurostat, points out that 40 percent of the young people don’t have jobs or they work in education. These situations encourage the young people to see their future abroad and leave their country.

Unemployment is a huge problem in the region. The economy needs patience from the young people, almost all of them are waiting in the peron with an one way ticket.

The daily affairs and the discovering scandals are a bigger motive for the young people to find their future far away from their country. The young people of Macedonia are running away from the mentality wich is equal to corrupsion, crime, bribery, hatred and envy.

The partisation of the institutions and low salaries are the additional reasons that the young people don’t want to work in their country but outside of the borders. Despite extensive research and indications, the state lacks a clear strategy for solving this problem. The efforts to convince working force to stay home are improvised against the belief that the system is rotten and in addition kills everything around.

It is a fact that the main initiators for the process of emigration is the one and only politics. The bad crisis and the worrying separation of the citizens are the reason that the demon of oppression and concern is born and fed in the hearts of the citizens which are slowly eaten by patience. Always, the Goverment and the opposition throw the responsibility to each other for all the situations, while the state is becoming invisible in the aspect of number od population.

According to State Statistical Office of the North Macedonia, the overall number of the citizens that emigrated in the time period 2005-2017 was 12.558, even though there are indications that the number of the citizens that constantly live in the foreign countries it is very big. As in addition, there is no data for the concrete number of the young people which have emigrated or live, always or temporarily, abroad. In the absence of official statistical data for the phenomenon of youth emigration which would form a base for an essential debate and taking concrete steps by the creators of public policy.

The problem of the access of the North Macedonia in EU opens an additional space for manipulation of the public opinion in comparison with the experience of other countries with other grounds, which do not take into account the specificity of the social, political and socio-economic context of North Macedonia.

The social reality of the society it is that the World is open, everything is on the reach. That raises the motives of the individual to be easily positioned. To stop the young people not to espace you should create conditions, in a someway good conditions as in the European states. Until now the chances that the young people are going to stay here are very small or they don’t exist no matter what profession we are talking about.  It is necessary to give them a courage that things will change. The war with the rotten state is very hard.

The red light is on long time ago. The political programms before the elections of all political parties promise strategies for stopping emigration. It seems that the alarm battery is finished. The new battery is going to be bought in the next elections!

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