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Christ was born, truly born!

But it is only a matter of time, how soon we will crucify him again, a thousand times before Easter…

Author: Katerina Topallova

Before the political scene in the country began to clash with increasing intensity, we managed at least partially, in these quiet moments, to breathe in the days of holidays that we are leaving behind… But again divided on every basis. And such a division is to such an extent rooted in our consciousness, which in turn shamelessly begins the dissection of its own body, while in advance playing with the most sacred.

Christ was born, truly born!

But it is only a matter of time before we crucify him again – a thousand times before Easter…

And it is not by chance that theologians say: Where God will build a church, the devil is already building a chapel. However, at the end of the day, it is hope that guides us, guiding us through all the obstacles and doubts, turning our backs on fear with all its sprouts that sprout around.

Holidays are always an ideal and desirable occasion to be and celebrate with our loved ones, to share together all the moments of joy and happiness. Let us do it with a clear mind and an open heart, demonstrating our full faith and fellowship. Simply, to stand tall, united and proud in our spirituality… But we can’t seem to make it! That is why?

I think it is returning to tradition and this year, organized by the Monastery of Bigor, the Christmas concert was held in the great hall of the Macedonian Philharmonic. Musicians, instruments, sounds, that in this gloomy political atmosphere, how desperately we need them, to make us happy, ennoble us, nourish and heal us. But above all, to unite us – in the spirit of the holiday! Christmas songs performed by some of the most popular Macedonian musicians and singers.

Old folk music of the oriental type, which gave a new sensibility to how “Macedonian Christmas” should look and sound. Although far from the Macedonian village where the zurla and the drum are dominant, here they were replaced by the elegance and refinement of the chalgia. Macedonian chalgi gathered in one place, at least we are experiencing the most fruitful days of the Skopje Radio-Television Chalgi Orchestra from the past.

Those who consider that Macedonia is part of the “Gregorian” world, complained that same evening on social networks, that we are celebrating the birth of Christ with something strange, distant, hybrid and not ours?!

While Europe claps loudly to the beat of the Radecki March or sings those commercialized Christian Christmas carols typical of countries with dominant Catholic and Protestant populations that we have come to perceive as our own in the last thirty years, we as an order of the Orthodox Church and that we interpret something completely “foreign”. Let me not be rude and say “Phanariote” with an Eastern touch, where exactly such a “Constantinople” influence is more visible and alienated among the churches.

wonder coincidence or not? Or what Bishop Timotej would say about the announced visit to KOM – OA of the Russian Metropolitan Antony, who is the director of the Department of International Relations of the Russian Orthodox Church and vicar of the Russian Patriarch Kirill – “There is no coincidence! ““

Separation has done more to hide Christ from the eyes of men than all the infidelity that has ever been spoken,” there is great truth in this thought! And exactly such a division is more and more visible among church circles, whose “shepherds” do not even try to hide all their confusion from the public eye with diplomatic gloves. Although divisions in KOM have a historical continuity, it has been a very long period in which maturity and experience should have surfaced.

We play cunning – “Byzantism”, impregnated with “Slavic” primitivism. We’re doing something that won’t end happily, according to the Christmas concert.

Although KOM-OA had a fruitful year in which it reaped the fruits after countless summers, the geography of Macedonia did not allow the Church to get a clean environment and air.

North or South? Which direction should we take, so that it hurts us less? The organizers of the Christmas concert, after the sound of the maqams, were taken by the south wind, nostalgia for the Byzantine heritage, so the rest of the “society” did not honor them with their presence, with the exception of ” the glorious one”, who was broadcast live by television, which signed the concert with an incorrect/incomplete title, ironically saying on my part “desirable south”. To then hear accusations, blame shifting and excuses… No! After the beauty of the sounds, the divisions came to light! You asked for music, here’s your music… Or in the worst possible scenario “if you love God, burn down a church – but don’t hate the media, be the media yourself”, as a political activist and artist from across the pond would say.

Accusations and apologies as a result of various games and entanglements. It surfaced even though we didn’t want it all to happen. Finally, we hope that the organizers of the post festum will not spoil the comfort, fun and enjoyment of the musicians, even though they obviously managed to disturb him for “Imendenin”.

The divisions will certainly continue in the future, given the constellation of cadres in the highest body of the KOM – OA. So we don’t need to hide behind masks anymore. Although you know each other very well, who is who, so be careful with the reasons you give to your people, because this will be your penultimate judgment, before God’s judgment.

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