Sunday, May 26, 2024


On November 9, Kovacevski had publicly congratulated Abazi on his election as the first man of PPOCC. On November 21, he publicly stated that he was confused by Abazi’s election and that more justice reforms are needed. It took the Prime Minister 12 days to understand what he said and change his mind.

Author: Katerina Topallova

The evolution of individual thoughts is part of an individual’s growth. It is quite normal if you have had an opinion and later, based on evidence, facts, conversation and debate, you realize that you are actually wrong and change your opinion. This is how people and societies develop.

But does this also apply to leaders who lead countries? Is it normal if the prime minister changes his opinion in less than two weeks without explaining to the public how he came to a changed position, who convinced him, what the change is based on and even apologize to the public if with his opinion wrong has deceived the citizens.

Being prime minister is not just about having certain privileges. It is a position with serious responsibility and this is how Kovacevski should behave. The prime minister should not allow himself to follow a certain election in silence, it is still easier to appear in front of the cameras and send congratulations and already after 12 days to say that the election for him is doubtful.

How so Mr. Prime Minister? Why do you doubt? This is a grave insult to Abazi and the people who elected him, but it is an even graver insult to the citizens you serve.

How many advisors do you have with you? Did it take 12 days to follow, investigate and conclude that the prime minister should doubt the election and qualities of Abazi? Who convinced you, prime minister, to appear in front of the entire public with a congratulatory message or appear with the statement that the choice for you is doubtful?

It is clear that Macedonian citizens have daily worries about how to spend the day and that they cannot put the inconsistency of the Prime Minister’s statements on an important topic as their first concern and react strongly. If this were to happen in a modern and developed society, you would have an even more serious problem explaining what caused your change of mind.

But for the election of Abazi, they ran to congratulate and defend not only the prime minister, but also many intellectuals, well-known actors in society, respected names, who described the doubt of the majority of the public about the election of Abazi as hysteria because he was Albanian, because he was from the same village as Ahmet and they convinced us that he should be given a chance.

All columns and statuses fell silent after the short statement of the new US ambassador. With two sentences he silenced all the noisy intellectuals who tried to move Abazi’s election under the umbrella of nationalism.

This is another indication when we have to ask ourselves and be honest with ourselves what kind of country do we want to build? What do we actually need and what are we fighting against?!

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