Wednesday, May 22, 2024


The choice of Islam Abazi as the head of the prosecutor’s office to fight against organized crime caused a great shock to many. In fact, shock is the big shock and optimism, how after so many years someone hoped for a different outcome.

Author: Katerina Topalova

He didn’t have a program but he had a desire, he didn’t have a plan but he showed a vision, he didn’t have a party background but he had sympathy from his colleagues. The innkeeper won the hearts of 66 colleagues who believe that he is the right person to lead the institution that will chase the “big” fish.

“Even though I didn’t have a program, I was in constant communication with the public prosecutors and I explained to them my vision, program and project, how it will be and how I will manage the prosecutor’s office,” said Abazi, who at his first appearance in front of journalists boasted that the public believed in his honesty and fairness.

What is the obligation of Abazi to write a program and make plans when every day during a coffee break he told his colleagues how it was best. And he succeeded! 66 people believed him! They turned a blind eye to the small detail, probably with the argument – and a big benefit from those who previously wrote programs and led the institution!

Although he has never worked on cases in the field of organized crime, Abazi says that his new position is a challenge and claims that he had enough experience and work on cases for which sentences of 40 years in prison were imposed for serious crimes.

Imagine if you let a family doctor as the chief surgeon in the operating room, who, although he has no experience with difficult interventions, is challenged to perform brain surgery!

This reminded me of a conversation I had with a good friend a few years ago when I asked him if he played the piano, he said – I don’t know if I can play! I am surprised and say to him – how do you not know if you know? So he says – I don’t know, I’ve never sat down to try playing, but I have a great desire!

Abazi stands at the head of the prosecution for the fight against organized crime at the same time when the USA is sending a new ambassador to the country. Angela Price Ageler said that she is concerned about the level of corruption in the country and that the fight against this evil will be her focus.

Good luck to Ageler!

Good luck to Abazi as well, his Santa Claus will give gifts this year, but I hope the euphoria will keep him when the lanterns are lined up! And there is no need for jealousy and bad comments, let’s hope we all have ambition and set challenges for ourselves, choose who we drink coffee with and what we convince him of, and who knows, maybe luck will smile at us too!

Good luck prosecutor! It’s easy for you with such good colleagues and an even more naive nation that easily gives chances for such high positions!

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