Wednesday, May 22, 2024


In the history of multi-partyism, among the Albanians in Macedonia, the Democratic Union for Integration has for twenty years proven to be an entity that has managed to resolve disputes and even internal conflicts. They appeared in certain periods and, viewed from the outside, one gets the impression that they were more indicative of aspirations for narrow or group interests than they were the result of disagreements of a programmatic-statutory or even ideological nature. From all these developments or confrontations, the first person of the party, Ali Ahmeti, is singled out. “Outstanding” in the sense that it successfully managed these conflicts which, until recently with the emergence of the so-called “Fire Group”, prove what is called the existence of “factions”, or rather internal democracy.


Author: Seladin Xhezairi


The meeting of the General Council of the Democratic Union for Integration party  (DUI) has been announced for this Saturday If it weren’t for the latest frictions made public by the so-called “Fire Group”, this might not even be news!But beyond that, for whom will this day bear the epithet D-Day?

In the announced agenda, it is said that there will be a constitution of the party’s organs, and apparently, the swords will be sharpened precisely around the question of who will climb the integrist hierarchy, which is led by its historical leader Ali Ahmeti?

Specifically: Will the second ones succeed in “extinguishing” the “fire ” group that produced more smoke than flames? By catapulting the “four” into leadership positions from vice presidents to secretaries of DUI or will there be a solution that would qualify as a compromise?

This is the first!

Second: Indeed, how will this reflect in this party against the goals proclaimed at its last Congress for internal reform and the green agenda?

Logic says that the noise waves of the last 24 months have hit the wall of personnel decisions in the executive branch more than the party course. Cross your heart, this discontent would be closed too if in the past there had been some deviation from the selection of personnel for the executive branch. In that time, and now, the word of the party leader was decisive! Cross your heart both then and now, it’s not like there weren’t leftovers that resulted (if you remember!) by creating new Political subjects that remained after the elections „ seedless corn “!

Therefore, it is to be expected that the constitution of the party bodies of DUI is an expression of the mood in this party to prepare for the next period. This is imposed due to the fact that the political party’s scene in the Albanian bloc has not been dynamized for a long time. The defeat of the integrists in Tetovo (once) and Gostivar (twice in a row) cannot be amortized only by „ the successful government team “,

out of his contempt for the so-called „Fire group“. On the contrary: On Saturday, the integrists will prove to us if they will follow the logic „ You go out – I’ll go in “, or the latest internal reforms of the party with the new figures – will become more tangible! Between these two tracks, of course, there is room for responsibility, accountability, meritocracy, officials, and missionaries.! And, in this scope, outside of the party shells, the factor of time and space must also be taken into account. Around us and across our borders!


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