Sunday, May 19, 2024

The guilt is not an orphan

Author: Sefer Selimi Jr. 

When civic consciousness becomes an ally with evil, harm and consequences will be paid by the citizens themselves. Therefore, it is in our case now that we are back to the numbers when the coronavirus epidemic was at its peak. The austerity measures, including the curfew, reflected the mutual distrust between citizens and the state, proving that this distrust is justifiable because even the citizens did not adhere to the measures while the state, as expected, failed to implement the law and the recommendations brought by itself. In addition, here, citizens do not include those who strictly adhered to the recommendations and preventive measures, while the state does not include doctors and medical personnel who risking their lives were placed on the front line against pandemics to perform their mission, to save lives.

Among the citizens are all those who with ridicule and contempt broke the rules, prohibitions and recommendations and for this with the pride of the fool they revolted over the sacrifice of the other majority. All those who, with the courage to take it, decided to challenge the virus and chose to trust the conspiracy theories and charlatans who “discovered the secret plan” of the Enlightenment government to bring humanity under control. All those who in their lives have not given a single penny to help someone, have not moved a single stone to help their community, have not even moved a finger on something that has not gone or touched the interest to fill their mouths with their personalities and to crucify as conspirators people who with sacrifice and dedication work for the good of humanity, including the innovator and philanthropist Bill Gates. These Don Quixotes and Sancho Panchos of modern times did not leave even the local windmills without following them with their spears on social media. Functional illiterates, who cannot write a single sentence with a logical flow without grammatical and spelling errors, justify their dirty mouths by cursing and insulting any angle that made desperate calls begging them to protect their health. Those citizens who camouflage themselves in the guise of religion and divine piety, but who do not even obey the clear and direct instructions of the prophets of their Lord. Those who practice religion for the wrath of another and not for the love they have for the good, the common, and this and that world.

The state includes all those political clowns for which the most important are the seats of power and privileges than the health of the citizens who have chosen them to serve them. All those who hold public office but serve party interests. Those who had the duty to protect the health of citizens but chose to protect their rating. All those who had to make the right decisions, regardless of the fact that they could be unpopular, chose to make wrong and populist decisions. All those religious leaders who chose their bag instead of the lives of followers and believers. All those who took them out on the streets and squares to go after the cross or prostrate themselves to the Lord who had specifically commanded them to do the opposite in the event of an epidemic.

The end of this pandemic is unknown, also how long will it last and how many other victims we will lose as a gift of all those mentioned above. Neighboring countries and the region are facing the last active cases; some have already declared victory over the pandemic. We are still far away, and it seems we will continue to be so if we behave as we do now. The concept of mitigating austerity does not mean complete freedom in exceptional circumstances like the current one. They can only be successful if they are largely enforced by citizens, and if not voluntarily imposed by the state through punitive mechanisms. There are no other healthy solutions, at least not until there is effective treatment or vaccine prevention.

While we are now playing the role of the culprit, a friend of mine, a doctor, among the many who proactively has been vocal and present throughout this period giving public advice and appeals for care, has decided to remain silent affected by the insults and swearing by functional illiterates and some Facebook lolo’s. If the competent people, who have done years of study, school and scientific and professional preparation, are silent in the face of the bastards, encouraged by the consent of their ignorant co-thinkers, no dam will save this place that has been taken by the river.

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