Saturday, May 25, 2024


Daily numbers of deaths and new cases of coronavirus should be expected. The one who is surprised is not real. The watermill started … it grinds … this will be a summer in which it will sneeze, cough, measure temperature and stay at home. If the WHO predicted that 80% of the population would be infected, then it looks like we will reach expectations quickly. If so, the whole country will remain quarantined until September, and then we will have to be careful with seasonal viruses. An old saying goes – learn from other people’s mistakes. Looks like ours will teach the region!

Katerina Topalova

Almost the entire government is in a quarantine. Someone is positive; someone else is waiting for a test and is in isolation. However, no one deviates from the intention for elections. If voters are sick, then they are poor at medical math that in twenty days they will recover and get two negative tests so they can go door to door and persuade people to vote for them on July 5. So we have not seen our families for three months and they plan to have strangers come to our backyards and doors, breathe in our faces and convince us who came up with a better program for the next four years.

Opposition, on the other hand, does not give, nor take! There will be elections when the number of patients is minimal. Moreover, until then? So don’t they have press conferences every day that it does not cost like this? They are satisfied with one minister and several deputies who we forgot by the way who they are and where they were placed. So their minister publicly declares that the citizens should not be punished and that the state must be patient because the people are in a difficult economic situation. So we have been patient with everyone since independence, there is no such pity anywhere. We forgave everyone! Our laws are the best in the world because paper tolerates everything, but we have learned that no one beats us if we do not implement them. Here, now, let’s get the director Caca out somehow, so that only she can “pay” when after her, another dozen other leaders violated the rules.

All politicians, without exception, agree in their messages to citizens that the measures must be respected. They say the people must change their habits because it requires the “new normal”. Moreover, those who changed? They are part of that nation and must participate in changing their habits because now more than ever we need another narrative, more honesty, more determination, wisdom, and people in the right place and less politicking.
Spring indicates a sick summer and a sick summer cannot bring a healthy autumn. When the leaves fall, the hopes can fall, because fragile economies like ours find it difficult to tolerate such metastases! 


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