Sunday, May 19, 2024


Author: Xhelal Neziri

Humanity must be taught to live and fight constantly with two things: viruses and fake news. In the age of globalization, both phenomena are moving and spreading rapidly all over the world. They have only one difference: viruses become a concern because they are scientifically verified, while fake news creates concerns before their authenticity is verified.

In this context, another phenomenon is being explored that amazes experts: how is it possible for people to previously believe in the imaginary danger of the 5G network, or do they consider the verified risk of the COVID-19 virus to be a lie! Therefore, without thinking well a lie is taken as true, while a truth as a lie is rejected. According to professors Tim Hill, Robin Canniford and Stephen Murphy, the answer is determined by four factors:
The first – almost everyone has access to the Internet by posting or finding the “real truth” that someone is supposed to want to hide; The second – the lack of trust in science, government, institutions, media … which are thought to always have an interest in hiding something; Third – the sweet lie always seems more attractive than the bitter truth; and the fourth is a weapon with which Russia and China are fighting Western democracy.
When it comes to the hybrid war of the East against the West, there is an impression that the Albanian language space is immune. Nevertheless, this is a misconception. False news is eroding the already poorly consolidated democracy in the Albanian language space in Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia.

For example, on March 15, a large portion of Albanian-language portals spread false news against NATO, the United States and the European Union, but favored Russia and China, with the headline: ” Something big is happening in Italy and the Balkans, you are not aware “. This article was first presented as an analysis in some Russian media, and then translated into Serbian, Slovenian, Croatian, Macedonian and Albanian.

Surprisingly, there was more echo among Albanians: on March 15, many portals in the Albanian language posted it as plotted.
It talks about the alleged stationing of 37,000 American soldiers in Europe during the coronavirus. It is a text that clearly protects Russian interests and attacks the US presence in Europe.” Threat from whom? It is clear that US officers are happy with the response without clarification and using the general phrase “hypothetical threat.” Of course, the only hypothetical threat that can be attributed to American opinion is Russia (China’s ally) with which they have long voluntarily created great tensions “stated in the first part of the article.
The concluding section also shows Russia’s “proper” response: “Russia has asked many questions about this exercise, for which it has not received an answer, and based on this it has already stated that it will keep its military position on alert. Within its borders, which does not prevent such a calming scenario with two armed parties: training or unless otherwise. ”
To better “explain” to Albanian readers, the article says that “China, Russia’s ally, signed a contract months ago with Italy (a key country for Europe on trade-related relations in the Mediterranean and its strategic position.” if there are conflicts) to make trade relations more stable and important between Italy and China and to make America’s power over Italy less important, but not insignificant. ”

The whole “movie” then relates to the coronavirus: “The coronavirus starts here and starts in China, but it explodes too much in Italy, not only from a health point of view, but above all it is fed by the world media, despite the fact that the stimulus issue has nothing to do with an Italian. For years, China and Russia have been undisputed opponents of US trade because their importance greatly damages the dollar monopoly in the global market and this, for the US, is creating significant losses of energy, both economically and geopolitically. For some time, America has done everything to provoke Russia with market movements and military moves for everything that affects its trade and geopolitical interests. ”

The whole text ends with the statement that the US is using coronavirus to prepare for war with Russia, while the subtext tends to build the narrative that this pandemic was invented or spread by the Americans to defeat opponents on the geopolitical stage.

Viruses and fake news are the challenges that democratic societies will face in the future. The situation is spreading rapidly and it is difficult to control the situation if not everyone commits to doing their job properly: institutions and professionals to work, and citizens to interact. Collective discipline and trust in state institutions and professional media are needed to prevent coronavirus pandemics and fake news “infodemic”. In addition to the professional work of health workers in the war against coronavirus, a ray of hope are the portals that deconstruct false and dangerous narratives in North Macedonia, such as, or in Albania.

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