Sunday, May 19, 2024

The power of fear

“Fear only becomes powerful when you give power to it,” says Robin Sharma.

At times when the whole world lives in a cramp and does not know when will they relax the muscles of the soul, it is important to play gymnastics with the mind. All that does not support this threat is to give force to another destroyer of our health-fear.

One is afraid of the unknown, and this situation is a real example according to a textbook. We do not know all about the virus, we are afraid for our lives, the health of our loved ones, and the life after illness. Will we keep the job? Will we survive the period during and after the infection? This fear make us slaves. We attach ourselves to the chain of our own slavery, considering it to be a life predestination, fate, a natural order of things. The next stage is turning fear into virtue. Slavery becomes binding and desirable.

We become the best guardians of what destroys us, which denies our right to life. In doing so, all responsibility lies solely on us, in each individual.

What is important is to have control over ourselves. Fear is a paralysis of the mind, of our thoughts and feelings. Fear is a feeling of powerlessness and submission. It becomes an individual and collective paranoia when trust in institutions is lost, and this relationship has eroded in our country for years.

Fear is a strong, powerful emotion, a reaction when faced with a threat, whether real or anticipated. Fear reactions can be different. This situation is not an immediate threat, but a challenge that we must begin to accept and adapt to.

How to get rid of fear

At this point, instead of feeding it, we need to realize that we will only be freed from the fear with the help of major changes in our daily functioning.

The big misconception is that brave people are not afraid. If you talk to someone you consider to be a brave person, he will surely tell you that he may be “dying of fear,” but he acts and takes action against the fear he feels.

Fear and courage are directly linked. Courage requires fear so that it can prove to be personal quality and value. There is no need for courage if we are not afraid of something.

“Courage is not a lack of fear, but an awareness that something else is more important than fear.” Fear closes your mind. Do you know how mold is created? It lives in a closed, warm, dark environment where there is little oxygen.

Scientists are working on finding a cure for coronavirus, but each of us must find a cure for our own fears. To work on it and get rid of his clamps. Otherwise, the frightened individual is a target of everything even if it is not named Corona. Many frightened individuals are a society that live in fear and are easily manipulated later.

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