Wednesday, May 22, 2024

We are all in the Public Room

The news with a high school student group “Public Room” that includes adults too, which share erotic content, is frustrating the public. I really do not understand why! The public room is actually our society. A mirror of everything we see and do before we turn a blind eye, condemn it and do nothing to fix it, which we perceive and at the same time ignore.

It is estimated that 7,500 people were part of the “Public Room”. To be honest, much more, just over a million and a half. As many as we are in this state. After all, all of a sudden it is surprising, so there are debates, analyzes, where we have done wrong, and how our kids are stuck in a “Public Room” that is hard to get out of.

The “Public Room” does not include anyone who is well educated. No matter how big the youthful urge is, no matter how much the hormones are raging, he or she will know how to measure the danger.

The “Public Room” does not include anyone educated about online content. Our children can easily be victims of all kinds of predators because we are unprepared for them in this modern world. We are not ready to stop them because we too are illiterate about cyberspace. Neither the state nor the institutions are ready

There is no one who has sex education in the “Public Room”. Our children are taught by nature and much less often parents. Sex is a taboo subject. That explosion of emotion and need comes naturally and when you are not educated on how, when, and in which path you should satisfy your passions, you learn the hard way, making mistakes, unfortunately, sometimes fatal.

The “Public Room” does not include anyone who follows educational media. One of the functions of the media is to educate. Identify a media that has appropriate content that could help to prevent such danger?

We have entered the “Public Room” from illiteracy. Every single day we strip our emotions, passions, needs and desperate cries for help. We do not know about measure, we do not follow rules, we break down the system and we live in chaos. Nevertheless, chaos gives us a zone of comfort and false freedom that we never want to get out of.

A “public room” is a mirror of who we are, I, you, he, she, we and them. We never work for a reason, something is always “taken” after a consequence appears. And what now? How are we going to solve this? Will we ban their phones? Will we sue the creators of the group? Will we whip those who were part of it?

I do not relativize. Everyone has to pay the penalty. But, let’s not be naive that we don’t know how we got to this. Only a state that destroys its own education system and creates mice for research, can destroy its children with a single click.

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