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Atixhe’s Greatness and the Superficiality of People

2 Oscar nominations. “Honey Land” brought a new ray to Macedonian cinematography, Macedonian film, but sent a very important message to the world. The golden team behind this honey movie and our country will gain a lot if the acknowledgment gets in their hands on 9 February, but the world will gain even more if it understands Atixhe’s simple message that comes as a final warning of salvation.

“Half for me, half for the bees”

From long time ago, the world has been selfish. There is almost no empathy. Grab as much as you can and do not turn back. Nobody cares about anyone. Atixhe’s main message from the film comes as a slap that should make us conscience, who we are, where we are, what is our role here and where do we go.

An Australian-Aboriginal proverb says: “We are all guests at this time, in this place. Our goal here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love … and to return home. ”
Half is actually a whole! It saturates, it fulfills.

Somewhere along the way even at the very beginnings, we distort the need for how much we need for enjoyment. When our eye becomes bigger than our stomach. When we lose ourselves in abundance and do not resist the challenge of nature. Half is enough for one life. The hardest thing is to stop at the sweetest!

Atixhe managed to keep the mind clear, not to spoil the feeling for the end. Her simplicity is consisted in her reasoning. “If they have – I’ll have too,” not “If they don’t – I’ll have more.” The old ones say – no luck could be built on someone else’s misfortune.

It unites everything that people somewhere along the path of the new age forget to cherish as part of themselves – honesty, simplicity, value and unity.

She leaves half to the bees because she doesn’t know how will be the winter. The same thing is with life. Who knows what tomorrow will be like!

However, life never remains owing to anybody. The energy that Atixhe sends to the universe is fully returned. The care for nature has kept her all these years. Now, this whole fairy tale of a modest woman seems like a scene from the stories – all the bees in the world have come together to sweeten her life.

I wish that an awn would sting us every time we forget about Atixhe’s simple rule, and that the bees do not stop buzzing until the whole world hears the important message of the woman who wants to save the world!

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