Wednesday, May 22, 2024

We are the greatest only when we touch the bottom

It is a holiday! Regardless of religion, if the day requires us to overcome ourselves by giving love and respect to everyone, then religion is one-humanity.

The holiday is for family, loved ones, friends and acquaintances. To have a beautiful thought, to wish health and happiness to the ones that you know and do not know. How it is nice! On such days, we are all as new. It is as if we need to clean our souls from everything we accumulate during all these days. That desperate need for a good word and a good work to have even one day.

From tomorrow – everyone in their own way. But on that path we are others, aliens, enemies. As programmed, we enter a new World in which neither they nor we are in comfort. We choose to squeeze our own soul, to fill it with bitterness. We have no empathy for anyone. We are locked in a vicious circle that leads to our own hell.

Moreover, we have so little time! Each of us has time only for love, for respect.

Without wishing happiness to others, we lose ours. Continuing that way! We are not even aware that we have lost it. We realize when it is too late! When we sit at the table alone on a holiday! When loneliness will use all the force of the World to show us, how wrong we are. But it’s too late! Then it is too late to repent!

The other day, I learned that 15 homeless people had gathered at Momin Potok and distributed bread. The coin fell on Arife. For her and her friends, beauty is in the community. Hot food has warmed their hearts. None of them was alone. Who cares about divisions when they have the opportunity to embrace?

It seems we are the greatest when we touch the bottom. Each of us then returns to true values.

I wish we could preserve the holiday magic all year long regardless of belief or religion. That way we will be better, we will love stronger, and do a little miracle every day!

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