Sunday, May 19, 2024

Spanish soap operas

When in 1992 the whole Macedonia fell into trance over the content offered by the legendary Cassandra, no one could ever imagine that after nearly three decades these people would live the same scenario. What then seemed to be just a movie is happening to us today. This generation has the unique privilege in a lifetime decade to enjoy in each episode of this soap opera and for several years to pass through every detail of what they were watching on TV several years ago.

He announced that he had an influential man, that he could influence the investigation and the verdict, that he could be a free man with several millions. They walked around restaurants, went to the blackmailer’s house with ministers, arranged deals, did not like it, called them home, set up cameras, put money in Louis Vuitton bags, shot everything and made a movie without any editing.

Every replica of the main actors is superfluous. People, there is no director who can think better than this.

In addition, as the world prepares to celebrate Christmas while enjoying candles, lights and Christmas trees, our media does not miss any detail of this soap opera that offers a new episode every day.

With lots of make-up, dressed well, ironed, all the witnesses and defendants. The people are naked and barefoot. There is a saying that says, “if you can’t beat him – make fun of him.” We get fed up, we mention millions, we talk about world-brand clothing, and we don’t eat more than a bagel and a yogurt every morning. It seems like we are laughing, in fact, everyone in the courtroom is laughing at us all.

It has been scientifically proven that bad news causes several stages: shock, refusal to accept reality, sadness, and indifference. I am afraid we have reached the last. Now, hardly any news will ever touch us so strongly that it will cause all the stages in succession. It took too long, too much, the brain refuses to process such soap operas.

Any psychiatrist who will take up the study of this people would be filled with money. What scares me more are the modern movie scripts we watch on television every night. In addition, they do not have to be very modern, there is a lot of material from the world famous names that we have admired.

We live the Cassandra soap opera after three decades, “Valley of the Wolves” happened to us in a much shorter period. For months, the Titanic was being shown in movie theaters across the country. Find a boat on time, remember, there was not enough for everyone.

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