Sunday, May 19, 2024

What is Macron waiting to interrupt our anticipation?

Uncertainty! It was never a foreign word for this country, but the word itself has never had more importance than now. Uncertainty is the everyday life in Macedonia. You are born here to wait.

We are waiting for elections, we are waiting for a new Government, we are waiting for reforms, we are waiting for judgments, we are waiting for criminals to be imprisoned, we are waiting for professional media, we are waiting for good education, we are waiting for clean hospitals, we are waiting for homosexual rights, we are waiting for nepotism’s vanishing, we are waiting for honest politicians … we are waiting for the date to start negotiations … we are waiting for a better tomorrow. And every morning passes very fast, life passes in front of our eyes us waiting and waiting.

Author: Katerina Topalova

What is Macron waiting to interrupt our anticipation? Does France know how much we are waiting for something we ourselves are not aware of that will bring a new waiting – for eventual membership?

This silence of France is very loud. We are waiting for a five in our hand for the things we have done. Someone to tell us that we are valuable while we write for the corruption of ministers, deputy ministers and deputies (former and current).

We ask from France to give us a date because we hope that this is the only way the EU will have the mercy of sending us “heavy boots” that will curb rampant politicians who see the state as their grandfather’s possession.

It has been 10 years that we get from EU a document for more or less successfully completed homework. We were not mature for a date. It needed an agreement with Greece. When we made that famous agreement, we got a shoulder kick. Now it is that deal which is hitting us. Because it wasn’t just on him.

France’s silence is degrading. We wrote the drama that is now happening to us. If we were able, if we weren’t  greedy, if we had the consciousness and morality, now we wouldn’t be waiting for France, we wouldn’t be waiting for a better tomorrow, we wouldn’t be waiting for honest politicians, we wouldn’t  be complaining for nepotism in the institutions, we wouldn’t be demanding rights for homosexuals, in the 21st century we wouldn’t be seeking for clean hospitals, we wouldn’t be seeking for a better education, we wouldn’t be fighting for professional media, we wouldn’t be waiting for imprisonment of criminals, we wouldn’t be waiting for judgments and reforms, we wouldn’t be waiting for a new Government or elections.

If we were able we would be France. We would have consciousness and morals and we would not have to wait day and night for the bitter YES that would bring us a new waiting.

Macron will stop waiting today or tomorrow. He will make his decision. When are we going to stop waiting?


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