Sunday, May 19, 2024

Their image and our future

Meetings, face-to-face conversations. Prime Minister Zaev, along with the Government delegation, is using the participation of the 74th UN General Assembly in New York to run the final round before the European Union’s decision. The road to the EU for the country has always been a long one. We can also see it now, our train to Brussels, travels through New York.

Author: Katerina Topalova

On October 15, a decision will be made whether the Union will give us a date for the start of negotiations.

From here in the United States, Zaev and the ministers express optimism, but they know that they are running with bare feet. Responding to what would happen if we were left without a negotiation date this time, they explained how such a decision would be bad for the image of the European Union. But their image is actually our future.

Since 2005, with the candidate status of the country, we are waiting for the famous date.

In any pre-election program, the European integration process is a priority, although after coming to power no one has had any idea how to do it.

After the numerous scandals and affairs that have wandered us all these years, we look for hope in the EU that we expect to bring order in our home. The October decision may affect their image, but also our future.

Our politicians are now demanding logic – if the Union does not set a date, then it will send a bad message to all the countries, and especially to the region, that it doesn’t keep its promises.

Thoughts like these always make me wonder – why don’t our politicians see the same logic when they fail to deliver their promises, especially to pre-election voters who gave them their trust? Why then they don’t care about their own image and our future?

If the image was built on true values, we would have a reformed judiciary, objective media that work without pressure, good economy and clean air. Of course, long time ago we would have been a part of the European Union that we long for.

But in these conditions, we are left to hope and seek logic in the decisions of the Union that will affect its image and our future.

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