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In all this period of a kind of independence, we surrendered our dignity! We were small, insignificant, unattractive, unimportant… Even small children want and demand that we treat them with respect and dignity, and at every ridicule they react furiously always demanding some kind of respect!

Author: Katerina Topallova

Democracy has thousands of faces, characteristics and messages… All these are connected in a system of values ​​that create a “super” society towards which we aim. I often wonder, is there an ideal definition of the term “democracy”? From ancient social thought, through the renaissance, to today’s social situation, man shaped democracy according to his views, understandings, and needs, serving the world as a successful or stunted model. One thing is clear, the same “democracy” does not work the same everywhere and is accepted differently, from an ideal system to a completely rotten system – which is mainly under ideal conditions and how it knows how to be manipulated and misused. But regardless of the different meanings, theorizations and definitions of the term, if the fruit of such a value system does not come to light, then I think we have lost the battle for a better society, moving to the next, less desirable stage. of totalitarianism?!

I call “dignity” what comes out as the fruit of a real democratic ripening! And it seems to me that as a state, a society, a nation, here we failed and lost the battle to preserve our dignity. Macedonia throughout the past period has shown itself to be immature and seriously unprepared to walk that sharp path with thousands of trials, to build tomorrow a better society for its generations… Macedonia has failed politically, unnecessarily entering a political game or in a consciously lost battle, gambling with one’s dignity and reputation, for some “higher values” that we can translate as lining one’s pockets in the name of democracy! What happened to Macedonian dignity? The following thought fits best, “one’s dignity can be attacked, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be annihilated unless it is surrendered.”

Yes! Exactly! In all this period of a kind of independence, we surrendered our dignity! We were small, insignificant, unattractive, insignificant… Even small children want and demand that we treat them with respect and dignity, and they react furiously to any ridicule, always demanding some kind of respect! Because when it comes to dignity, there is no size, grandeur or space, only an ideal worth fighting for and dying for. This is the only way we will be appreciated.

But why am I writing all this? Looking at the Macedonian political scene, with its distinctive anemia, colorless, uncharismatic, incompetent, while thoroughly criminalized and scandalized with daily chores and humiliations, I wonder if we deserved all this?! In addition to degrading themselves, they are consciously degrading an entire nation, which today, precisely because of their incompetence, finds itself in a subservient, ignoble, panty-sagging role, while it seeks its honor and reputation in the family of whippersnappers. , arbitrarily offering himself dignity, in exchange for a “membership card” – or to be in the club! To sit at the same table with the greatest and most important! – What a burlesque of a state, would say those whose sense of dignity grew with the ability to say no to themselves.

However! We have a President whose actions are the image and case of unfaithful Thomas from the Bible! He will spit and deny himself and others three times before he begins to believe. We have a Government that believes in the dignity of work, whether with the head or with the hands; that the world owes no man a living, but that every man owes an opportunity to win. Sorry for the sarcasm! And we have an opposition that tells us clearly, loudly and unequivocally that nothing is necessary in life, except to die! Or paraphrased, dignity has no price, when one starts making small concessions, eventually life loses all meaning?!

What can we learn and conclude from real Macedonian politics, if such a thing even exists?! Our democracy likes to turn into totalitarianism the moment we start to see with one eye. Democracy allows people to make their own decisions about life, including political decisions, while totalitarianism treats adults like children, makes all life decisions for them, and blocks them from having a voice in government. Therefore, it all depends on two key questions: How does a democratic government protect the dignity of the people? And how do citizens ensure their dignity?

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