Monday, May 20, 2024


Once again I will be ironic and say that the Macedonian European future is still on stable tracks, slowly but surely it is on its way to Europe. Although with the European flag, which for us has become synonymous with the Wild West, we will still have to make another great sacrifice, as true intellectuals and democrats, and explain to this sleepy people that the train is moving safely . Brussels or Treblinka, will we succeed or not! So when will we get there! Well, it’s about roulette…

Author: Katerina Topallova

They say that disappointment is the medicine of wisdom… And disappointment, when it involves neither shame nor loss, is as good as success; for it gives as much appearance to the mind as the theme to the language. Consequently, living our daily lives, I think we always have a great reason to free and position our language, to always be loud and clear, because there can be no deep disappointment where there is no deep love, as the eternally disappointed Martin Luther King would say in his sermons across America, always looking for a pinch of optimism.

Therefore, I will conclude, we are used to the daily political deals and markets in our country, which basically represent a cacophony of sounds whose echoes we are already used to, turning this beautiful country into a republic of dogs, barking and whining. whose terrible we hear every day!

Will there be or will there be no change to the constitution? Will the government have a majority in parliament or not? And with this, will there be early parliamentary elections or not? Roulette is a game for people, in which the ruler or the one who sets the terms of the game always reaps the profit. We ordinary people will always have to read between the lines to know how to better and more safely position our tongues in wet dream conditions. At least that’s the easiest way to get past the crust and grab the cookie… Simply put, we’ve long accepted the chaos, but the question is, will the chaos finally accept us!?

We have a government in despair, complete lack of state perception, statesmen and sovereignty, neo-colonial status of the state (read Bechtel and Enka), subjugated justice, “Bazaar 3” economy, criminal projects crowned with the halo of salvation, summa summarum. chaotic situation that has invaded our republic. And what can we expect after that? A scenario already seen… Will they throw us the bone like dogs so that we end up biting ourselves to the skin!? Discrediting today I think is fashionable!

The mice are the first to abandon ship! While the government is confident in its governance, except for the sudden resignation of the prime minister, at least by now we are used to seeing those in power, boldly proclaiming change, horrified by the government’s games for change of the Constitution. . Come on, I’ll leave them aside, but when the locals won’t vote for you in the election and you are a successful candidate with a program that promises (amendment of the Constitution), then the alarm goes off and a famous scenario is activated among the agitprop “someone between us is not with us”!” I will ask sarcastically, will there be a period of witch hunts?

No! In this government majority, there will be no changes to the Constitution. But therefore in the future there will be, what the opposition would say, and finally the poor Macedonian Bulgarians who were attacked, insulted, crucified and branded, will see the sun of freedom and for them there will be a day, when they will wait with tears for the moment to be counted as Aegean in the Macedonian Constitution, that all the discontent carefully collected from San Stefano onwards! Or in short, all those forgotten elements and requirements, which we have removed during the years of maturity in the process of constitution and existence, will be stuck in the “Bulgarian train”, until the future final understanding of the most democratic Constitution in Europe, such as no European democracy has seen and will never see! But for all this, in the next parliamentary majority! – as they say from the opposition.

In such a state, the famous fable about Epimenides and the Cretans echoes through a rifle. And I think that our case today is fully reflected in the same famous paradox – an obvious example of ancient sophistry.

The Cretan Epimenides tells the Cretans: “that all Cretans are liars”, but since Epimenides himself is a Cretan – it makes him a liar too. But if he is a liar, what he says is untrue, and therefore the Cretans are trustworthy in their statements; but because Epimenides is a Cretan what he says is true—that all the inhabitants of the island of Crete are liars. Thus, Epimenides is himself a liar, because he is an inhabitant of the island of Crete, and thus everything he says is untrue… And so we can go on alternately proving that Epimenides and the Cretans are liars or not! Just like our Macedonian politicians who serve us the offer – PIT OR LOOP! Roulette will show which one belongs to the government and which one belongs to the opposition! With the hope that fate would smile on us and Aegean, deep from some abyss! But to add some optimism – I hope I’m wrong!

But to make things clearer, I will be ironic for the umpteenth time and say that the Macedonian European future is still on a stable track, traveling slowly but surely towards Europe. Although with a European flag, which has become synonymous with the Wild West in our country, we will still have to make another great sacrifice, as intellectuals and true democrats, and explain to this sleepy people that the train runs sure. Brussels or Treblinka, will it be or not! When then, someday we will get there! Well, it’s about roulette…

And meanwhile, we optimists will continue to learn English, and you pessimists learn Russian! Remember, there are no neutrals in this game of roulette, they call them – desperate optimists!

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