Thursday, May 30, 2024


Takiti says: “The more corrupt a state is, the more laws it has.” Especially if it is placed and brought with the European flag… Well, then we are sure that things are not going well!

Author: Katerina Topollova

“Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts… perhaps the fear of losing power,” writes John Steinbeck, an American writer and Nobel Prize winner, a quote as an excellent introduction to a brief analysis of subjugation, violence and apathy in the fragile, frustrated Macedonian society to the maximum. from an extremely nonsensical case, characteristic of colonial countries and societies.

And why colonial? Or what is colonial in this case?

What “colonialism” basically does is the conscious creation of an identity crisis and a complete erosion of the culture of residence in the countries or regions that are the object of processing. The burden and consequences in this case of neocolonialism will be borne by all the inhabitants of the same culture, which will not provide resistance and prevention from similar external interventions and influences, which in turn directly violate the sovereignty and independence of culture and the state with all its attributes. While all those individuals who worship him from the same culture, are expected to celebrate and promote the entire colonial process, no matter how unconstitutional, illegal or criminal it was.

If historically we can say about colonialism that it is a force that changed the world in a quite violent and radical way, based on the military, economic and above all cultural conquest of fragile, isolated and unconscious regions and cultures, applying methods degradation, violence and repression, neo-colonialism as a continuation of historical colonialism, there is no change in its methods, except for the new cloak that should make it as disguised and unrecognizable as possible. Unfortunately, we must not forget that what we are today, all of us, are precisely the historical product of colonialism or resistance against it.

The current case of “Bechtel” and “Enka”, which stirred the Macedonian opinion, is not as naive and harmless as it was presented with the announcement (any surprise for three days, even with panties). Whether some individuals will get rich overnight or “put their fingers in honey”, something we have learned in these 30 years in this country remains secondary… If not the legal system, may God punish them! But what is most important, at least for those who can easily read between the lines, is that this case essentially remains a classic example of violence and rape against a “fragile, unconscious and divided people” with a purpose alone – the economic profit and systematic conquest of one through “Frankensteinian” law-changing, which continues to shape almost every aspect of our current world, ushering us into the age of neo-colonialism.

Accordingly, how should we understand colonialism today? Simply… Colonialism is a structure or structures through which one group of people (usually a nation) subjugates and exploits another, and then justifies this subjugation and exploitation by claiming to be an inherently superior group. According to all world sociologists, scientists and analysts, the first stage of the initiation of neo-colonialism is the internal infiltration and criminalization of the ruling elite and part of the social thinking, who in turn submit to and consciously flirt with corruption, making them consciously turn them into a structure of puppets… Then the works take place according to the planned scenario – the shaping of the system! Or what Takiti would say in his annals: “The more corrupt the state is, the more laws it has.” Especially if you decide and bring them under the European flag… Well, then we are sure that things are not going well!

Financial dependence and modern slavery in all its forms, not only historically but also today, are the economic cornerstone of the colonial system, and the most terrible thing is that today they are profiled through intellectual support and internal agitation, in the style that “every empire , however, tells itself and the world that unlike all other empires, its mission is not to plunder and control, but to educate and liberate”.

Laws, economic structures and cultural foundations are the basic postulates upon which modern colonialism metastasizes… But the poison continues to be felt more deeply in the most insidious forms of violence we still feel today – the games of the system and the laws. personal financial gain and the historical and cultural disfigurement of the nation subject to colonization. And we live and breathe its consequences every day – from polluted air, borders, migration and citizenship, to prisons, working conditions, health care, trade agreements, international development aid, education, diplomacy, tourism, the arts and sports. Here’s what we can read in the case of “Bechtel” and “Enka”! I will be less ironic… For personal provisions and possible crime, we will wait! Well, they will boast like before…

And the dominant cultural narratives and policies towards us will continue and insist more strongly that they understand our reactions, but without taking them seriously at all. But that’s why we’re here to react! Although we are not responsible for what happened in the past, it does not mean that we have no responsibility now. It’s easy! Either we will be, or not!

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