Tuesday, May 28, 2024


The Minister of Education asks the National Textbook Commission to start a process to determine the reasons for the omissions in the approval and publication of history and society textbooks. The authors are not to blame. The fault is collective! Education has long been on its knees! No one wanted to see this sign!

Author: Katerina Topallova

If you open the classifieds online, with a little research you will find individuals who will write you a term paper for “little” money. If you meet them, they will agree to write you a master’s thesis for a little more money. I have no doubt that there are people who also do PhDs for money.

And it’s not like I “discovered America” ​​with this information. Nothing new! This actually wasn’t news even 15 years ago when I was a student, but the ads of those selling work for money so someone else could get a degree were embarrassing.

The media “reported” and wrote about it even then, but it is not that anyone was shocked by the news and that things changed.

Now those who bought diplomas got positions. Now they are respected intellectuals who even proudly and shamelessly compete in textbook writing competitions. The circle is like that. Now they will “sell” mind for our children. The seminar tax came for 350 denars. Then it was copy-paste seminar papers, now it’s copy-paste textbooks!

This is not a textbook release! I don’t know how much it is a release from the ministry, because the release is collective! We have been creating a system without values ​​for years, a system in which we are drowning deeper and deeper every day, a system that makes our lives miserable and kills our children.

It is sad how not only do we not give them the chance to fly, but we cut off their wings before they even begin to grow.

Collective awareness to build quality education is the key to save ourselves from the abyss into which we are falling. We cannot be competitive in any market with purchased degrees and rewritten texts. Because the market exists for people to give their best and make their lives and those around them easier. Our maximum for now is to find out which side of Google copied the textbooks that educate our children.

But if there’s any good in all of this, it’s that now at least we’ve learned where east is and where west is. We also learned how high Mount Everest is!

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