Sunday, May 19, 2024


15 bomb alerts today alone. The number and choice of institutions varies like the autumn temperature, but there is no day without warnings. Whoever the warning is, how did they not realize that the bomb was planted in this country a long time ago, only there was no warning.

Author: Katerina Topallova

The prime minister’s spouse has entered the electricity business. But there was no conflict of interest, because it happened before her husband officially took office, Kovacevski said.

It is fortunate that country has a prime minister with a keen sense of profitable business at a time of global energy crisis.

It is lucky that country has a prime minister who, in times of crisis, develops a family business of essential social importance for the state and does not see abuse of office and high corruption. And all this from all sides, from local and international factors tell us that the worm that eats the state system is inside and it is called corruption.

It is lucky that country appoints politicians who, instead of social benefit, put the family business first and at the same time say without the slightest shame that it is clean and there is no need to worry that nothing violates the law.

Another press conference is yet to be held to remind us that showering with low flow and cooking in a small pot will save us from the energy crisis.

The Prime Minister’s co-marriage is not and cannot be the same as every citizen! And his immediate family is not the same as every citizen! This is also stated in the content that defines who falls under the term close family!

The asset declaration is not just a protocol, but to assess a possible conflict of interest. The rules are clear, either you opt out or the family member leaves the benefit.

Citizens cannot feel betrayed all the time. There is no authority that has not interpreted the law as it sees fit. When citizens say – everyone is the same, they mean exactly that! Constant dissatisfaction is due to the daily shortening of the quality of life and all this for the sake of personal goals.

On the first day of journalism studies, the quote was explained to us:

“You can lie to everyone for a while, you can even lie to someone all the time, but you can’t lie to everyone all the time!”

This also applies to politicians!


It is important for them to know that voter discontent is a ticking time bomb and any alert is not a false alarm, but a potential one that could explode at any moment!

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