Sunday, May 19, 2024


There will be plenty of it, we won’t be able to afford it! These are the forecasts for food, which in the next two years will become a luxury, especially for developing countries, like ours.


Author: Katerina Toalova

Last week, a food symposium was held in Ohrid. Over a hundred professors from the field from the country, the region and beyond, gathered to analyze what will happen to the basis of human needs – food.

The war in Ukraine took a turn, the price of food started with a rising trend that has no end in sight! From entering the store, to reaching the cash register, your basket of products has increased in price several times. But this is not the worst, because that is yet to come. To the question – when the prices will stabilize, the answer of research professors is that it will happen when the big profiteers such as oil companies, energy companies and the stock market, will notice that they have no more coal, because less and less people are buying.


What will we do?

We will complain, just like now! In a world where money counts, empathy does not exist. Nobody cares how you fill your plate.

The paradox is that at a time when the world is recording the largest production of food, it cannot be evenly distributed and therefore the number of hungry people is growing rapidly. In times of crisis, each country first stops exporting, to see what it has available for its own citizens, and what it will sell, it will be at a higher price, because it is normal to make money when there are not many like you on the market. they offer. The war was used by the big players who are changing the system in the world. The price is always paid by the buyer! The anger is directed at the farmer, but he is not the one collecting the honey. The farmer in this time of crisis has the same income, what he has to ask the consumer is what he paid more for, which is the energy to create the product. The increased fuel, the increased seed, will be charged through the final price of the product because it cannot operate at a loss.


What will we eat if we have no money to buy?

What we can afford! The national one – everyone will stretch their legs according to the rug will be the most obvious in this crisis. So in times of panic, food will lose its quality, because it will be more and more expensive and less available! People will be looking for a way to get what they need so they don’t go hungry, so the market will offer literally anything! Big producers will not have earnings in developing countries, and fast food will be the most common solution! Fast food, on the other hand, is poor in nutrients, and when chips, sandwiches and snacks are the only option, then society will also face health problems. Such food will affect the increasing number of heart diseases, obese people and diabetics, which will be a burden on the already fragile health system.


What will a selfish approach bring us?

If you ignore the ethical side, that it is not nice for you to live watching your neighbor starve, then it will come back to you in a different way. Every person has the right to life, has the right to food. So in places where it will not exist, such as African countries, the inhabitants will reach for a solution where they know that food exists. A logical set of circumstances is that the number of migrants will grow significantly, and security in the world will be less and less.

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