Sunday, May 19, 2024

A brief look at the election campaign

Author: Sefer Selimi Jr.

Political offers:

This time in the Albanian political bloc, although insufficient campaign, there were debates on the program definitions of political parties. The political offers are almost similar in form: general, without details, without timelines and especially without budgetary implications. There are no divisions and designation of institutions responsible for their implementation and implementation and they are more like wishes and demands than promises that will be implemented. In extension, they capture almost every social aspect, while as a coalition, the Alliance for Albanians and Alternatives (ASA) offers a more analytical approach to the current situation, trying to provide solutions to the identified problems, while DUI uses the governing experience and institutional approach to it. speak with more concrete measures. The Besa Movement (LB) is under the shadow of the SDSM-led “We Can” coalition and mainly uses the joint strategy to promote key commitments and programmatic underpinnings of social policy, without leaving behind selective criticism of the government. strongly against DUI and occasionally against Alternative. The Albanian Democratic Party (DPA) this time has only one objective: Survival through the election of Menduh Thaçi in another parliamentary term.

Main narratives:

In the general narrative of the campaign, the key word remains the ethnic equality which the parties approach in different ways. DUI sees it through the highest executive positions while AA-Alternativa through constitutional changes. DUI persistently and in every way tries to keep the debate around the Albanian Prime Minister and sometimes praising its role in the general advancement of Albanians in Northern Macedonia and almost completely neglecting the election program. At AA-Alternativa, the focus of the campaign remains on the failures of the DUI’s 18-year rule and the need for a change of government, while focusing very little on promoting the election program. LB continues to be the voice of the “Mundemi” coalition in areas inhabited mainly or entirely by Albanians, conveying targeted messages, mainly on social programs and the Euro-Atlantic agenda. Menduh Thaçi is in the role of “himself against all” making statements and accusations that are typical of his political character.

What was missing in the debate of this campaign:

  • Complete administrative and fiscal decentralization – was mentioned just as a formality, without emphasizing that it deserves even though it is part of the election programs. Decentralization is a process that, although left halfway through, has yielded the most visible and tangible results in improving daily life for ordinary citizens, especially Albanians.
  • Electoral system – Nobody, nowhere said a single word about the electoral system and its change. The vast majority of citizens are calling for a change in the electoral model and the opening of voter lists, a reform that will further democratize political parties and society as a result.

The campaign is nearing completion and citizens will have the opportunity to express their will on July 15, while the main variable that will determine the winner in this close race is the number of voters. Therefore, get out and vote!

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