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Elections represent a process of political and democratic competition of political entities. This democratic process of competition means the political platforms of the competing parties that are offered to the electorate as an electoral offer. Electoral dynamics means the announcement of this electoral offer before the citizens, ie the electorate that is claimed to be represented in the legislative institution, but also in the executive branch. In view of this political pluralism, but also of the democratic debate, the KDP presents below a brief synthesis of political platforms, the main pillars of the political ideas with which the parties are competing in these July 15 elections. This time we publish the synthesis of the political platform of the Democratic Union for Integration, which in these elections came up with the idea “time for the first Albanian prime minister”.

Author: Bardhyl Zaimi

In addition to other dimensions of the DUI’s political program, the candidate for prime minister has announced 25 political commitments, which are thought to be concrete initiatives in the first 100 days of the next government, if elected prime minister. These commitments focus on five pillars that mean full equality, economic rebirth, justice for all, a better life and opportunities for young families.


The Democratic Union for Integration in these early parliamentary elections has come up with the political idea of ​​”the first Albanian prime minister”. The electoral offer of this party is related to this idea, while parts of this election platform have already been announced within the election campaign. The whole focus of the political platform is focused on this very idea, which is dimensioned in the form of a governing platform for the next four years. The essence of this platform, as it is said, is the full equality of Albanians in the entire state of Northern Macedonia.

In addition to other dimensions of the DUI’s political program, the candidate for prime minister has announced 25 political commitments, which are thought to be concrete initiatives in the first 100 days of the next government, if elected prime minister.

“A place of equality, this is the pillar and the first commitment of the action plan”, posted on the political platform of the candidate for prime minister from the ranks of DUI. According to this governing political commitment, the idea of ​​“passing and implementing consensual decision-making legislation and shared responsibility is articulated. It means that 10 strategic state institutions will be run jointly by a Macedonian and an Albanian, with common right to sign ”.

Within this commitment is the equal distribution of public investment, which means, as it is said, the main economic decisions (budget, investment, taxes) can not pass without the support of the majority of Albanian cabinet members. It is also envisaged that there will be compulsory Albanian language classes in every school, starting from the 5th grade.

“An equal place means that we respect multiethnic and multicultural diversity,” the pledges said, while calling for a change in Northern Macedonia’s anthem “to reflect this diversity – because this symbol should not be a symbol.” of exclusion and inequality, but of inclusiveness and equality ”.

In the economic dimension, these commitments include the idea of ​​”economic rebirth.” According to this commitment, “a zero tax policy will be urgently initiated, which means: zero income tax for three years for each employee for the first time under the age of 35; and zero taxes for companies for three years for each self-employed person under the age of 35 ”.

A particular set of these political commitments focuses on the idea of ​​”fair treatment and justice for all.” In this regard, the idea of ​​”creating a Court of Equality, which will investigate discrimination at the state level – if it occurs in the courtroom, at work, at school, in the municipality” is revealed.

The fourth pillar of this action plan articulates the political vision for a “better life,” which is operationalized through the idea of ​​”flexible working hours during the week and half a working day on Fridays.” Also, within this pillar of action, it is foreseen “the adoption of a law banning casinos and gambling houses at a distance of one kilometer from schools, churches and mosques”. The proposal for “a minimum salary of 600 euros for each nurse, teacher and educator” is also foreseen in this set of commitments.

The fifth pillar of the DUI candidate’s action plan is to give a chance to all new families. “First of all, we will modify the education law and introduce compulsory preschool education, along with an ambitious plan to renovate and build kindergartens in each municipality,” the political platform said. Also, in this regard, the government initiative envisages 20,000 euros grant in time for each young farmer under the age of 35.

This is the synthesis of the commitments of the Albanian candidate for prime minister from DUI. These commitments are related to the governing platform, while this party within its own electoral platform has included many other issues of interest to citizens.

In the dimension of cultural engagements, the main pillar of the political program is the “institutionalization of Albanian culture” which means the establishment of cultural institutions. “Establishment of the National Institution, Musical Theater of Albanians in the Republic of Northern Macedonia, based in Tetovo. Within this institution, sectors such as: Theater Orchestra, Professional Choir, Soloists Sector, Ballet Sector and Children’s Sector will function. In this music theater, countless opportunities will be created for artists, composers, instrumentalists, conductors, choreographers, dancers and a special importance will be given to children “, it is said on the platform.

The political program also envisions the establishment of the Iliro-Dardan National Historical Museum, which will house Illyrian-Dardanian artefacts – Skopje, the establishment of a theater for children and youth in the city of Tetovo. Establishment of the national institution of Kumanovo theater: taking into account the successful functioning so far, the Albanian drama department at the Cultural Center in Kumanovo should be transformed into a directorate – detached from the Cultural Center in Kumanovo “.

The program also envisages the establishment of drama and visual arts departments within cultural centers in Kichevo, Debar and Struga, as well as the establishment of national institutions, art galleries in the cities of Kichevo, Gostivar and Struga.

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