Saturday, May 25, 2024

An old trick and new fools

There are no elections that have taken place without the veil of interethnic electrification. In a country like ours, where a semi-educated and poor people live, the old tricks works easily. It is easy for politicians who know that they do not have to come up with new ideas – before the elections we will quarrel Stojan and Ramiz, after the elections we will spend people’s money to educate them on how to live together.

Каterina Topalova

In March there was a health crisis, then it became social and then political, and soon it is expected to turn into economic. Covid-19 is the new base on which the old spears are broken. While doctors were doctors, everything was fine, when they entered the political drum everything changed.
The finger is now pointed at believers, those who do not believe in the virus and those who seek more freedom. The coronavirus was spread by Albanians because they celebrated Eid. They did not issue measures for our Easter, they did not set a lockdown for their holiday. So people are arguing over who was bad and who was good, who is a wild tribe, who is a stupid nation. Old trick-new fools.

I will say thank you to my co-workers Bardhyl, Xhelal and Lorik, who respect me as a professional and a colleague. Conversations with them have never gone wrong, because we are aware of how much we need each other! Both Eid and Easter are congratulated regularly!

Hospitals are full. The coronavirus does not choose by an ID card.                               Quarrels, however large and numerous, always remain at the gates of the clinic. In the infectious ward, it does not matter if a Macedonian or an Albanian sets up your pipe for an aspirator, it’s important to take another breath!

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